Friday, 4 September 2009

some twirling and to celebrate the magic shop

i had the new york ballet work out DVD on
my amazon list. and low and behold i found
it NEW for a pound at my magical charity shop!

i have to talk about this shop. its a holy wonder.
its right down from my house.. and no matter
what im secretly wishing for... they have it.
from my dollhouse to my strand of pearls.
from my ballerina box, to my fairy goblet.
the wings on the back of my door,
most of my crystal balls and
the netting for my fairy
skirts and nearly all
of my fur collars
came from the
magic charity.

its like the place is
aladdins lamp or a birthday candle.
a magic cupboard or a wishing well.
a tooth fairy or a frozen charlotte.

i asked joyce about this phenomenon
am i the only one? (one time i went in
there looking for black and white
striped fabric and a glass head
to make cats & hats for whitby
gothic fair.. and there they were!

she said im not the only one.
"people just seem to find
exactly what they were
looking for in here.
its almost eerie"

i just wanted to say thanks
to my magic shop.. and
thanks to joyce for the
discounts :) heh heh


Sara said...

You make me want to go to England even more..

Anonymous said...

Ooooh Ballet, i really like ballet recently.. I really wanna go to one! Or learn, it's more likely that ill go to one though haha! Sounds like an awesome charity shop!!! Where is it!? Or is that too much of a give away as where u live lol? x

Hendrix said...

It must be the magic Harry Potter room in disguise.

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

The Magic Charity Shop sounds like a wonderful name for a book. Life can be like that too sometimes can't it? The very air seems to bring to you what you need. I have a ballet DVD workout. I must actually watch it sometime. Happy Hoots to you xx

malin said...

That sure sound like a magic charity shop! I can never find those kind of magical things here, I find lots of lovely, pretty things, but no magical ones...

I went to Stockholm yesterday with my sister, and we were in one of the bigger clothes shops, and I kept being drawn to clothes very much inspired by your blog. I´ve never been into this style before, and now I can´t get enough, so thank you for opening my eyes to an entire new world!
Sadly I didn´t buy anything, because all of the things I loved was sooo expensive... But I work with sorting second hand clothes, and I´ve found lovely magical clothes there too, and those I can by for almost nothing.

grace said...

i just love your blog. you have a wonderfully dreamy style of writing, and i love reading about all the things in your little world. this charity shop of wonders sounds brilliant - i need one in my town. ;D

Cookie-Fee said...

aaaw...i want to visit your charity shop :)
and when you´ve tried that dvd let me knwo if it´s good...i looove ballett, the video above makes me wanne grap my dancing shoes :D and put on a fairy skirt...
and i think i´ve developed a little girl-crush on you ;D


Anonymous said...

the dancer is wonderfull, I'd like to dance like that!
I heard your music on youtube and it's absolutely lovely, I really like it. where can I see you in concert? bisous!

Eliza said...

oh Stephanie how lovely! :) it sounds like a really magical place, i'd love to have a look at what they sell. it really must be wonderful. that video is gorgeous! <3

Anonymous said...

oh, that charity shop sounds so heavenly! i wish my local chairty shops sold lovely things like dollshouses and angel wings! maybe i need to have a really good look around next time and see what magical things i can find ♥

Anonymous said...

I second evryone here! That charity shop sounds like magic!
I often find magical stuff in flea markets (honestly, among lots of crap) but I always love to find cute stuff/magical happenings between all the dirt and dusty objects. They have a history, a soul.
Thanks for telling us about this place !

Aline la Bergère said...

This is me now wondering where does she get her stock? Very cool shop it sounds like. A.xx

a mouse said...

thank you pretties!
id love to take you ALL There!
come over and we'll all raid it together!
ha ha ha :)

ah! her stock comes from the neighborhood i guess because its a charity/ thrift/ op shop.
i live sort of "out" of london.. lots of people
around have little babies. so they arent
really buying too many tutus for them
selves i guess.. in fact. i was there yesterday
and found a vintage girls party dress
with tons of crinoline.. so i was
getting it to use the parts
when a lady came up and
said "oh its lovely! they
just LOVE wearing them
dont they!!??' i was like.
um.. who? OH our
of COURSE. yes.
thats who i was
buying this for!
not for ME! NO
thats SILLY
aha ha h a
aha ha ha
aha ha a

juliette said...

this sounds beautiful! i am so unlucky in op/thrift stores. i never, ever find what i secretly desire.
it's funny, not only is your blog magical, but your life seems to be too ♥

anji-jane said...

I think some shops are actually magic. I used to work in a little bookshop that was...

sugar plum fairy said...

i just loved
this posting..
eerie, yet magikal
indeed! i wish i had
a thrift like that by
me, but sadly it's hit
or miss at all times, giggles.
right now i'm on hunt for tiny
things: little deer figures with
skinny legs, mini teacups, bunnies,
all those cute things my daughter
will marvel at as she grows older.
♥ xoxo ♥