Wednesday, 23 September 2009

la vache qui rit et too much candy

we have a cheese in england called "the laughing cow"
here we bought it and its called "la vache qui rit"
so thats all we are saying. turns out you can
just say "la vache qui rit" and it means
absolutely anything you want it to.

we have also been watching
french cartoons all day!
and speaking horrible
french about la vache
et how he makes his
fromage. and why
he would be
heh heh MOOoo hea ha ha ha ha moooooo!

Too much candy from Capucha on Vimeo.

isnt this little petal the funniest & cutest ever ♥


willawisp said...

How amazing are this little girl's eyes! I do love to hear French, I lived over there for a year and miss it so!

E said...

she is so adorable! i've allways wanted to learn the French language, but never had the chance :) maybe someday

notebookdoodles said...

cute top :p

sugar plum fairy said...

what a cute little girl.
we have the laughing cow cheese
here too.. my mil spreads it on
crackers for my munchkins.. though
i have never tasted it myself. have
you seen this you tube video? so cute!

ps - great pic of you!

Julianna said...

what a funny adorable child!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you spoke french and ate "Vache qui rit"!
Who invented it? The french? yes, we did :P I dunno.
We love this cheese because the laughing cow has a laughing cow on its earrings whom has also a laughing cow...

Salut, merci, je t'aime !!

Karolina said...

the cutest kid ever :D

poet said...

This is so me - when we went to France as kids, my sister and me would sit and watch cartoons all morning. I think this - and Edith Piaf songs - is how I got most of my French :) Oh, and that little girl is adorable!


Lets_go_find_a_Rain_beau! said...

We have the same cheese in germany...but I can't remember how we call it.

I love your striped shirt! Is it from little bateau?


Cookie-Fee said...

this little girl is so adorable... but school is just too long ago to remember my french that fast :D

oh the cheese here in germany is called:die lachende kuh - le vache qui rit :) they are not very creative with the names ;)

hope you´ve seen some dolphines by now :)


Josephine Tale Peddler said...

We have Laughing Cow fromage in Australia. I wish my daughter would eat it as she doesn't touch any cheese. I've tried learning French several times over the years and life has always managed to prevent me continuing. I want to persist. When I am an old lady I will still be trying to learn. You are looking a bit French nautical yourself in that stripey top Mouse! Enjoy your break and may the French fairyfolk find you and be kind. xx

a. said...

i always like what you are writting and of course that girl is funny and cute.

malin said...

What a little cutie!

We have laughing cow cheese here in Sweden too, it´s called Den Skrattande Kon. And when I was in Morocco, they had it too, we had it for breakfast, on baguettes along with apricot marmalade, and lots of sweet mint tea to go along. Yummy!

PinkBow said...

what is this cow cheese, i'm not familiar with it? i'm totally digging stripes right now too!

Jenny said...

Hi A Mouse,

I found your blog via Joanne May's beautiful page.

I just have to say that I find your design stunning! There is an eery beauty to it, I think. Very out of the ordinary.



joanne May said...

Hey Mouse,
Oh so cute...I use to eat too much candy when I was little too.;)
My grandparents owned a sweet shop!
By the way I intended to put the illustration of you up on my post yesterday but my friend did a portrait of me and my cat, so I thought I would post that first...
You will be in my next post. Can I put a link to your blog?
I will do a little write up about you and your lovely, Owl in the Dark blog.
Let me know if this is ok when you like, as you are on holiday now relaxing.;)
Have a great time!

Laura said...

Ahahahaha!!! I LOVE her :) She is tres adorable. And it is SO beautiful where you are. And you look so beautiful!!! I hope you are having the most loveliest time. P.S. I finally got a video camera for my computer so we can chat when you get home! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Francie. said...

we have a cheese in australia called "tasty".. we're pretty lazy..
but then again.. just theother day i found out that "coon" is actually a racist term.. and we have a cheese called coon, funny eh. cheese is good =]