Monday, 28 September 2009

milk moth neverland

the most pale.

when you see your very own lace
in your very own waiting window,
you know that a cup of tea in
your very own fluffy chair
is just around the corner.

i am staying up late tonight and working
on a sweater that i have been knitting
for quite some time. size 3 needles
are the essence of slowness.


joanne May said...

I can't believe you have posted this white moth.:)
I have just painted one of these magical moths with you in the illustration!!!
Did you know they are fairies in disguise, with feather wings!;)
You must do a post about the jumper when it is finished.

sara said...

wonderful dear:)i can't wait to see this sweater you are working on!

Karolina said...

good luck with the sweater! I'm slowly learning different patterns, and now understand the satisfacion when something is done- without holes in it! :)


Hendrix said...

Knitting small is sooo time-consuming, but it makes everything so much more delicate. Can't wait to see the finished masterpiece!

a mouse said...

!!! oh! its magic! is it really in the illustration?
its so funny.. i posted it because when
we were in corsica there were white
moths EVERYWHERE at least 20
on the windows.. little tiny ones.
they were so sweet i became
quite obsessed with them.
i call them milk moths
and they dont mind
too much... ♥

Anonymous said...

oh, that moth looks quite magical! ive never seen one like that but it's so beautiful and i love the name you gave it too.. milk moth, oh it suits it so much :) good luck on your sweater dear, i can't wait to see how it looks ♥

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Milk moth sounds beautiful like a fantasy novel. Thank you for your comment Mouse. I will post the full story of the dolpin soon and will let you know when it is up. I believed that you did swim with Johnny Depp! Your life seems so magical it all seemed possible. You would have been a beautiful mermaid next to his pirate self.xx
ps I am sure the dolphins are watching you...

a mouse said...

ha ha ha can you imagine!?
this has cracked me up :D

Jessie said...

I've just discovered your beautiful blog! Your knitting sounds intriguing...are we going to get a peek?x

joanne May said...

It is kind of spooky about the moths!
Just to give you a little idea about the picture. You are also wearing a white moth wing hat, in the painting!!
Have a lovely week.;)

The Curious Cat said...

Where did you find this moth? Be lovely to see your jumper when it is complete! xxx

Sara said...

I can almost feel the warmth through your post!

a mouse said...

o its not my moth
i found it in some nature website
cant remember where! ooops naughty!

i have some knitting posted on my knitting
blog.. but im superstitious about posting
things before they are finished because
then i wont finish them! truth learned
the hard way.. heh heh heh

kimi said...

Oh this picture is beautiful. Never saw such an extraordinary moth (is it a moth?).
I try to learn knitting at the moment. Could you give me an expert tip? What's best to knit if you just started knitting? A cap?
By the way I love your knitting blog!

a. said...


a mouse said...

um.. i think.. a hat is a very good project.
even a basic boxy sweater/jumper is ok
as long as the pattern is not too
complicated... if you find a
free pattern online.. they
are usually pretty basic..
happy knitting ♥

PinkBow said...

i hope you will show us when finished?

a mouse said...

definitely ! :)