Saturday, 26 September 2009

little owls and faces in the rocks

i may have been lost to the sea and the wind this week
but my heart remains in the prairie, forest and wood.

these were my holiday sounds and reads.
i needed them to keep me grounded!
the sea air can have such a dizzying
effect on me....water so changeable
and wind so free....they seem to be
able to dissolve my earth essence.

water wears down rock and wood
wind makes waves in the sand.
and me... with my home at the
base of a great sequoia tree,

my cheeks tingle and i have
to think on roots and stones.

i will be home soon.


Anonymous said...

beautiful beautiful words x

Eliza said...

oh you write ever so beautifully, Stephanie :) those reads seem wonderful. <3

PinkBow said...

i agree, beautiful words. lovely pictures to go alongside too!

That Hooligan Girl said...

Beautifully said. I agree it's easy to get 'spirited away'.

Anonymous said...

I like Mariee Sioux, and her friend, Alela Diane, too.
You should make a song out of your blog words.


a mouse said...

oh thanks lovely pixies :)
sorry i havent been over to anyones
blogs lately.. i have been trying to
leave my milk moth (computer) on the

thats exactly it! spirited away.
perfectly said.

hm maybe i will make a song from
this idea :) thanks! ♥

little me. said...

such beautiful words. x

The Fairy Shoemaker said...

Safe journey home x

anji-jane said...

earth essence... reminds me of me. away is good, but home is better. pretty words. xx

Sunflower said...

i believe bugs have feelings, too! and so do trees, of course, and the sea and small shells. i remember an owl, a magnificent, white owl that flew, one day, into our shed. the door was open and it just flew into the small room. we went out quietly to see it and when we looked into it's eyes, it felt like we had found something truely wonderful. the beautiful owl left our shed but stayed in our memories forever./ i found your blog and remembered the white owl again!! have you heard of the singer "Owl City"? he's wonderful.....especially his song fireflies!/ i hope you'll visit my blog are such a beautiful spirit, thank you for sharing such delicate things!

Meg said...

Hi sweetie, I am sorry you missed the earth ... spoken like a true Taurus, a creature of woods and forest ... I hear the siren call of the sea more than the soil, and I can't go too long without walking by its waters ....

Chelsea said...

i only discovered Mariee Sioux fairly recently, one of my current favourites.

KnitXcorE said...

i heart mariee sioux.

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

This is one of my favorite go to books, as well! I love how you feel really in the places Merlin takes him. I read it over and over as a child like it was magic candy! Blessings.