Friday, 18 September 2009

charlotte & stars

i found these little jars in my shed. i painted the corks white.

i dusted them off and put charlotte inside with some stars.
the littlest jar has a knitted white mouse inside.
i made him in australia. he has nylon
whiskers and silver eyes.
all the better to see
you with my dear.

i just found out petal and i are going to whitby
again this year! im so excited because halloween
is the very best most favouritest holiday there is ♥


sugar plum fairy said...

LOOOOOVE little paper stars!
it all looks so cute on your table.
take care xxx

Chelsea said...

These are such a sweet use for old jars.

a mouse said...

thanks lovies :)
i have been playing with my table
a lot because i found some
new pottery and it is just
sitting about. im playing
with it like you play with
legos.. or weeble wobbles.

Anonymous said...

such beautiful trinkets of your creative mind♥

you truly brighten my day, each visit when i come!

wildflowers said...

Oh so pretty and cute :)
I love little trinkets and things like that.

Anonymous said...

those jars are adorable, and i love halloween too! it's so much fun! x

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Whitby for Halloween sounds perfect. Charlotte looks so beautiful. All your posts are so magical and transformative. xx

malin said...

I love how you turn ordinary things into magic!

anji-jane said...

mouse in a jar is the cutest. x

Karolina said...

I agree the mouse is something I fell in love with. Maybe I'll use it in one of my illustrations? :)


Eliza said...

oh, what a lovely post Stephanie :) you're a wonder little owl. everything you do is magic <3

Lets_go_find_a_Rain_beau! said...

Oh, that's a very cute idea. I love it.

I don't know if you care for things like that, but I have left a little award for you in one of my last posts.

Have a great weekend,


Anonymous said...

you are magical.
please never never stop bloggin. ♥

Cookie-Fee said...

that is just one of the cutest things i´ve seen recently :)
little charlotte in her jar reminds me of the fairytale the star-money :) (is this the right title?? in german it´s sterntaler :) ) but the little mouse is also just so cute..i love mice..when i was younger my parents called me maus, maus-maus, mausi just everything you can think of :D (maus ist pronounced just like mouse;) )

hope you have a wonderful magical day :) (with straight hair ;)? )

a mouse said...

yay thanks! i think its fun to put things in jars
anything. that isnt living. unless there are holes
for it to breathe.. and food for it to eat..
and of course a best friend.
people cant live by
bread alone
i hear.

Raisa said...

Cute jars. <3