Monday, 14 September 2009

totem animals: dolphin, lion & robert smith

last night i had a dream that i had a
tiny tiny mouse the size of a dime.
i kept it in my make-up case.
for some reason though
there were other girls
there, and they told
me my mouse
was generic.

i would never tell my mouse that they said that.


The Curious Cat said...

that is a strange little dream -I'm sure i have had something similiar for ruby and the pony - so sweet!!! xxx

Pandora said...

What a curious dream!

Cookie-Fee said...

...mean girls...
i wouldnt tell me mouse, too!!!


sugar plum fairy said...

ha ha ha, that is cute! i've been having lots of beyond bizzare, writing about worthy dreams lately. just glad i'm getting good sleep i guess. :) XXX

Meg said...

I agree with Cookie-Fee - what mean girls! No mouse is generic ... least of all the dreamy ones!

poet said...

That's a very cute dream... it's somehow like the roses in "The Little Prince" telling him that his rose on his planet is ordinary, but he knows that she isn't! I wish I were dreaming these kinds of nice dreams - I just get to visit birthday parties of people I don't know, when all I want to do is start grading my students' homeworks... the first one is due today, I'm a little anxious about how long it will take me.


Vanessa. said...

omg, i'm so envious of your cure t-shirt! they're my absolute favourite band, robert smith is a god! :) xx

Sara said...

very irrelevant,but I love your t-shirt!

oh I hadn't read the above comment! I am not the only one!

joanne May said...

I love the Cure T-shirt too...
Surely it is Robert Plant who is the Golden God.... Tee Hee!:)
(Responding to Venessa's comment)
I hope things are good with you mouse?

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Even your dreams are strange and beautiful! xx

a mouse said...

thanks lovies :)
its one of my favourite shirts in my collection.
ive been alright thanks jo.. actually busy!
and i went to i-knit day in london
so my head is all full of knitty ideas
cant wait to get a few things done
to show :)

sara said...

yes don't let them bully your little mouse!how rude!

joanne May said...

Yes we should both open online shops!!!
I think your tiny knits are very beautiful... It is so exciting when you have a lot of creative energy and inspiration...Better than eating chocolate!
I love your snake design hat. Unfortunately I can't follow a knitting pattern to save my life...:(
I have also thought how great it would be to open a real shop, selling cool stuff like a Victorian style curiosity shop, with unusual and magical items.
I was born on June 27th, so I'm a Summer fairy. What is your birth sign?
I think you might like my next post after the draw as I have made some jewellery with owl charms and I will be showing your fairy picture!!
Thank you sweetie for your kind words. You keep on shinning too!

PinkBow said...

fantastic tee!

LanguageTimothy said...

Wouldnt that be fun? a pocket mouse... i want one :) by the vby i love your cats, my cat, nurmel would love them hehe :D

Lets_go_find_a_Rain_beau! said...

I love the Cure, not as much as I love the Smiths, but I really like Robert Smiths' voice, especially when he sings "Lovesong"