Saturday, 5 September 2009

apples, grapes and or paul mccartney

today i spent some time in my secret garden.

they are coming to prune our apple tree this week.

there are two big red apples that just wont fall.. see them?

under the arches past the frog pond its a tea-party place.

if i sit really still, the trees say all sorts of things.

and little grapes hang on for the end of summer.

id like to put them in a big basket and share them.

tonight we watched a beatles documentary.
one time i was in london alone on the rooftop
sitting at a table. a man came up behind me and
started chatting about singing... life and hometowns.
it was paul mccartney. he asked my name... but didnt tell
me his... i guess he figured i knew it. he was really silly and
really sweet. that was one of the most surreal moments in my
whole entire life. im thankful that he said hello. ill never forget it.


Sara said...

Are you serious? Did this really happen to you? omg, I would die!

LOVELY garden you got there xx

a mouse said...

i swear :)
i was at rehearsals with massive attack
and he was rehearsing for his summer tour
in the studio next door..
no one knew he was there..
i was out having a cigarette
and he came up behind me
and said "you really shouldnt
smoke those you know"
we chatted for quite a while
then my bastard tour manager
came up and started saying
"get back to WORK!" to me
and basically told sir paul
to buzz off.. he got up
and was like "sorry for
getting you in trouble
oops!" and did a little
like jig dance away.
can you believe
he BROKE up a
party with a BEATLE at the table!
what a dICK!

Chelsea said...

Your house/garden is lovely. That is amazing, if I even passed him in the street I would be in shock.

KnitXcorE said...

lol. it's so coincidental that we got this mktg for the beatles re-release the other day, and i fell in love with the old photo of young paul.
those grapes are sooooo teeny, are they a special kind?

Peter said...

" water from a vine leaf...."

vine leaf

Lilbirdy said...

An amazing story and I would not believe it from any other! Such an enchanted life, so blessed. I love it.


Anonymous said...

your garden is heaven. so beautiful.
oh wow, that is so amazing! i would have been speechless!
you have a lovely blog xx

vintageveggie said...

holy shit holy shit holy shit. epic story.

juliette said...

what a beautiful garden and story!

Bettycake said...

Omg, I am so jealous! You lucky lucky girl!!! Oh and such a beautiful garden :) xxxxxxx

E said...

your house and garden are beautiful, i wish i could find something similar one day.

and you do live such an enchanted life :)

<3 E

E said...
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Anonymous said...

I agreed to E, your garden and your home are just adorable. your garden make me think about Mary Poppins, when they drink a cup of tea with un uncle and they start to fly over the ceiling, and it's seems to be so wonderful.
PS: sorry for my english

Anonymous said...

Your garden looks so ritish and so dreamy!
I love it!
Especially the chairs and table, I've been looking for some like these for my own garden for months in flea markets now! Cute!

Paul's story's the best! That's epic!

Eliza said...

oh, stephanie, you are so magical. what a wonderful story, but no wonder these things happen to you, if you are magical! :) what a memory. and your secret garden is gorgeous. the table and chairs are there like waiting for someone to sit and have a cup of tea. oh my.

much love <3

joanne May said...

Your garden is enchanting and you even have grapes. You could make some wine and have some fairy merriment.;)
You Do Not have a weird face!!!
I don't know... I sometimes wonder how you see yourself. You cannot be too modest about yourself if you are a famous singer, (I replied to your comment on my post).:)
Like you, I have also met famous people and had a little chat with them, not realising who they are until afterwards.:)
I think it is good to be yourself and natural around them. After all we are just human beings but some people are just very talented...
Paul McCartney has a lot of music talent but he has also been very lucky in life...
Best fairy wishes. Jo May.xx

Anonymous said...

oh wow, your secret garden is so beautiful and that is so amazing that it actually happened! you are so lucky i would love to meet him! ♥

a mouse said...

yay i wish everyone could
come over and have tea!
as you can see.. the table is empty :(
oh paaaaul? nope hes not here either
heh heh heh
im a mean mom and
i dont let lamby and roo
come back here because
on the right of the photo is a cluster of pines
and a greenhouse and shed and there
is a fox family hiding in there. somewhere!
im not sure how they
treat little white cats.

PinkBow said...

wow! i love hearing your stories! i have this garden furniture too :)

sugar plum fairy said...

what a pretty pretty garden♥
love those 'lil purple grapes.
we can't seem to grow grapes like
that here in chicago, le sigh.....
how ironic.. i just watched the secret garden for the first time on friday night. X, lara

anji-jane said...

I love your tea party place... It looks serene. I love that there are two apples still holding on tight, perhaps it means something?
Sir Paul is one of the few 'famous' people I would actually love to meet. Its a great story, you are very lucky (!) x

a mouse said...

ah pink bow that is so funny
that you have the same!
it was here when we
got here its SO heavy.
barely can move it ;)

i still want to meet david gilmour.
i presented a Q award when
he was given a lifetime
i was stood right next
to him.. but didnt
get to actually
meet him.. and it practically kills me!

Anonymous said...

I love your photos, what camera do you use?!?! I love the nostalgic feel you get in these, especially th e last one. x

loucieee said...

omg. i don't know what to say T.T

loucieee said...

omg. i don't know what to say T.T

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Magic apples. I love secret gardens. I also love the Paul story. Of course he would come and talk to a beautiful girl on the roof! I met Donovan once and that was lovely. He was so friendly and down to earth. I am easily intimidated by meeting famous people however. My tongue turns to stone. xx

harps said...

what a great encounter. I love your garden furniture....something I never thought I'd say!

kitty said...

what a sweet story!!

i would have fainted. ;o)