Saturday, 19 September 2009

little baby on the acorn moon

i like when people put little baby heads inside of wool
and then top it with an acorn. thats just something i like.
you arent really born knowing that you like that sort of thing.
its something that occurs to you over time. or when you see one.

we are leaving for corsica at 3 in the morning.
i really want to get some rest.. but im all buzzy
and cant wait to get to the villa and do just nothing.
lamby and roo have a lovely cat-sitter. so i wont worry.
much. i hope to be able to chat from there.. but im not sure yet.


Anonymous said...

wherever did you find this♥ it is truly exquisite. and thank you ever so for your comment♥

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Did you make that lovely acorn head? I am sure Lamby and Roo will be fine. I always send white light to protect my loved ones. The Acorn head reminds me of Blake seeing fairies and beauty in everything. Some people are more open and have the eyes to see. I listened to some of your video yesterday on your lovely website. Can we still buy your music? I pressed a link but it went nowhere. Enjoy your weekend. xx

sugar plum fairy said...

that acorn baby head is hauntingly beautiful. i saw your video's this week & they are amazing! i keep singing "OGB" in my head all day long. :) you're such an inspiration to me. have a wonderful trip. xxx

juliette said...

i'm so sorry! i haven't visited your magical blog in so long, and oh how i have missed it!
i adore this post. it's dreamy and wonderful as always ♥♥

nath said...

oh, i can't sleep. my neighbours are drunk and arguing again. so i am going to stay here and read a little. distracting tales of faeries, acorned headed wool babies and dusty lace ought to soothe me into a sleepy place.

have fun on your trip - sounds lovely.

chelsea jade said...

oh oh oh!
an adventure is what i hear when someone mentions a trip!
even if its a trip to the corner store to buy a carton of milk.

sit in every chair and kiss every wall!

(maybe consider that second one as more of a metaphor)

i'm considering hitting london to visit my cousin/explore new territories this christmas. is the depth of winter a bad time to wander around town? also, if i do go and you are around, i propose a sing-song.

chelsea jade.

Karolina said...

I love the baby acorn :) have a great time in corsica :)


Alexandra said...

Corsica? yeay! Do you speak a little bit of french?

joanne May said...

The acorn baby is so cute and sweet looking. Like it is from another world!:)
You have a lovely holiday sweetie and get plenty of rest in Corsica.
See you soon...

PinkBow said...

have a fantastic time!

a. said...

aww, that's so cute.

Michelle (Shell) May said...

So sweet and adorable. As are your cats. Your music I just found and it is divine. I love it! All of it!
bunny hugs,

KnitXcorE said...

have a byootiful vacay :-)

kikibowns said...

I just love these little babes. Were they born from your creative hands?

harps said...

oh these are so beautiful, the way the face just emerges out of the fuzz. thanks for sharing! I hope you bought one