Wednesday, 11 March 2009

lottie lottie counting sheep

i found this little lottie doll on ebay and i love her.
this is part of her story:

little lottie cant sleep.
the moon is full so she goes
to her window to count the sheep.
on nights like this, all the sheep in her
field look like clouds in a dark sky.
she wants to go outside and play,
but darkness swallows little girls
so she will have to wait for now.


Aline la Bergère said...

Maybe Lottie would like a pretty tutu? She must be vintage! I bet she was a cherished doll that lived in a fabulous handmade house with chandeliers that could glow, tiny little carpets and satin crib. I always wanted a doll house and it shows, hee!
:)A xx

a faerie finder said...

i love vintage dollhouses. im a bit obsessed as well..
if i have sons instead of daughters it will be
natures cruel joke!!