Wednesday, 25 March 2009

a fairy ring

this is a fairy ring we found in the forest in wales
i didnt step inside because doing that can be dire.
i have been learning this week... i am in texas still.
i am learning from the desert about
barrenness... about protection and clarity.
the desert has its own magic...
ghosty white stags and fire
so hot it makes you pure,
but i am missing the green.

my lizzie works at a bookstore
and i have been at work with her every single day.
all day.
i sit in a huge green leather chair and pour over
every book i can get my hands on.. i read about
fiber and ghosts. magic wands and fairies.
psychics and animals. mystics and travel.
energy and matter. space and time.

lots of little girls and their moms come in
to look at the twilight books... and the
big beautiful posters of the movie cast.
they get a dazed look in their eyes when
they slowly walk past my chair and up
the aisle to worship before the twilight shrine.
it becomes holy and illuminated for them.
i find the energy of their adoration palpable and
it throngs in the air so consistently!
i wonder if the entire collective unconscious is
being shifted by little girls in love with edward!
if its an easy train to hop now because its common.

like the theory of the 100th monkey.
where a monkey learns to rinse the sand off his fruit
and then other monkeys observe this and copy him.
by the time the 100th monkey learns this trick
its part of collective instinctual knowledge
and monkeys on other islands begin to
wash their fruit in the same way
seemingly out of the blue.
well, i aint no monkey bitch.


a faerie finder said...

ps. who am i kidding im a complete and total monkey

KnitXcorE said...

i'm most definitely a monkey.

Aline la Bergère said...

Very intriguing post! And is the fairy ring made of tree roots? How cool is that! You are very lucky to spend time in a book store. Are you knitting too? Living the dream I think.

a faerie finder said...

i dont know how the fairy ring came to be...
its completely out of this world i think!
its monkeys!