Thursday, 12 March 2009

let me call you sweetheart

the ribbons on my favorite pale pink
vintage camisole got torn in the wash today.
i threw it down on my basket..
i was kind of pretending to be mad.
i dont really get mad that much.
so when something happens that
i should be mad about, sometimes i pretend im mad
when im really not... i play angry just for my own fun.
just for a minute... and then i laugh.
and thats just part of my crazy.

all week has been mental with studio work
so today i just played piano for an hour an a half
and i couldnt do very much after that.

my dreams were haunting me.
the queen of hearts made her appearance again
always wreaking destruction and reigning in havoc.
all i can do is love her. thats the only way she disappears.


Aline la Bergère said...

"That's just part of my crazy..."

I love that! I think I might use that one about me.

Sorry about your camisole.

You are so lucky to have a piano!!

a faerie finder said...

you can find them cheap/free on craigslist and gumtree sometimes.. thats how we found ours!
i cant believe it actually holds a tune!