Saturday, 7 March 2009

marie antoinette & virginia woolf

from: i heart sophia

this is from the book i am reading now
"the waves" by virginia woolf
every single line is like a ringing sigh
i can barely pick out a line.. as every word
in 200 pages is better than the next...
ill just take the next few words i am to read.
the insane and inexorable poetry of her!

come then, let us wander whirling to the gilt chairs.
the body is stronger than i thought.
i am dizzier than i supposed.
i do not care for anything in the world.
are we not acceptable moon?
are we not lovely sitting together here,
i in my satin; he in black and white.
crowding, lke a fluttering bird,
one sentence crosses the empty space between us.
it settles on his lips. i fill my glass again. i drink.
the veil drops between us. i am admitted to the
warmth and privacy of another soul. we are together,
high up, on some alpine pass. he stands melancholy
on the crest of the road. i stoop. i pick a blue flower
and fix it, standing on tiptoe to reach him, in his coat
there! that is my moment of ecstasy. now it is over.


KnitXcorE said...

o virginia!
what a fantastic author...
have you seen the hours???

Aline la Bergère said...

What a beautiful piece of litterature. Thanks

a faerie finder said...

ive never seen the hours.. i must!
have you seen orlando? i love virginia!

Pinkie von Bloom said...

Thanks for sharing this. I'm reading The Waves as well! But I put it down to quickly read Orlando. I should be back to it by the weekend.

(This is Shannon from Kindling & Tinder, BTW.)