Monday, 30 March 2009

magic hazy vanity mirror

this is my magic mirror
it has to stay in carolina
because i cant fit it on the plane
but i really do feel half a person without it.

because of this hazy mirror
i wore too much lipstick for 10 years.
and i never really noticed my wrinkles.
thats part of the goodness of a hazy mirror.
friends should be like hazy mirrors
that never ever show you your faults.

i had a little white fish that lived
in a giant bowl on this vanity.
she lived for 10 whole years.
i buried her the week before
i left springfield for good.


KnitXcorE said...

poor magic mirror :-(

a faerie finder said...

i know :(
my mom wanted to throw it away!
i had to send the matching armoire to charity.
it broke my heart.
im glad i convinced her to keep the vanity.
i was like "MOM! its MAGIC!"
isnt it obvious?