Saturday, 28 March 2009

my garden by petal

petal was staying at my house in
england to take care of lamby and roo.
she took this picture of my garden
while she was there...
it has made me homesick.
i think we moved into that
house for the garden.
it curls back around
to a greenhouse
and fishpond.

the big tree is an apple tree!
and the entire back wall is
lined with yummy grapes.
i missed last summer there
because i was on tour.
but this summer i plan to
not miss a single minute.

im in carolina now...
partly going crazy
for various reasons.
i bought chocolate coffee.
they dont have flavored coffee in england
which almost makes the island uninhabitable.
but i stock up every time im here and smuggle.
im working on my fairy deck,
and getting up early enough to
see the little bluebird family
living in the front yard.


Aline la Bergère said...

Your garden is beautiful. Lucky you! My garden is so ugly at this time of year. The clouds are forming over the house as I type. I hope the rain washes my yard clean and soon.
A. xx

a faerie finder said...

aw thanks! london is so temperate. .. it rarely gets cold enough to turn the grass brown.. i was so surprised when i moved there. i thought it would be all snow and rain. the secret is (its gorgeous!)

Natanya said...

:0) *miss you* xxx

a faerie finder said...

i miss you SICK!