Tuesday, 31 March 2009

secret (i have 3 white cats not 2)

chloe (lamby and roo's older sissy)
has to live with my parents
because she is too freaked
around dogs. it makes me
sad, but she has told me
that shed rather that.
she is purring.
shes fine.

ive been up all day and all night
writing songs for our new band snowbird
as of this morning we only had one!
(and a tour starting on april 14th or something?)
i JUST finished lyrics and melody for another one.
guess that means we need to write like 5 more this week.

insane i know.
but im delirious with freedom over it.
im finally writing for me and only me.
im being as honest with my true nature as possible.
its easy now because im hiding behind a bird
and that bird is helping me say whatever i want.
and i dont have to apologize anymore to the
people who tell me what i should be saying.
i can finally tell them to suck a turd.


Aline la Bergère said...

Yes, you do that! I wish I could say what I want to everybody in life too. My second daughter is named Chloe...I thought that was cool about your third cat.
Love that picture too!
Best of luck with your songs little bird!

a faerie finder said...

aw thanks lovey! :)
im working on one now
and i get so bogged down by lyrics
hopefully its ready for tour!

Natanya said...

Hehehe ... please let that be one of the song titles :) ... looking forward to seeing you and hearing the birds new stuff...
love, birdies and bunny fluff *
x x x x x x