Tuesday, 2 December 2008

fawns & sugarplums this week


little white owls, vintage dollhouse rugs, ballerina, les sylphides, back & window light, snow faeries, peter pan in kensington gardens, castle, marie antoinette, scarlett johansson as cinderella, pale blue winter moon, unicorn, antiquarian books, fawn, beluga tail, sleepy hollow, 1912 doll house, pink tutu, marie blythe, deer terrarium, white dress, whitby abbey, snow ride, lonely house, pale & blue

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MadTownD said...

hey -- it's Don. sorry i don't know how to e-mail you so i'm leaving a comment. e-mail me. donhillsman at yahoo dot com

anyway...how did you find my blog? so weird to hear from you with some stuff that's been going on with me. hope to hear from you soon.