Thursday, 4 December 2008

tomorrow i will go to kensington gardens


on our way out of wisconsin (to the airport)
we stopped at the library in my little town
which is my heart.. because it was my first library
and i found so much magic there.
this time.. in the *friends of the library* book sale
i found this book for 2 dollars which is total glee.

when we got to the airport, we learned that
the snow was so heavy our plane couldnt fly.
so we piled in a hideous bus to chicago
where i read it cover to cover
and thank god, because the dreariness of
going to shit-cago was threatening
to kill me right there...

today though i am back in london....
so i put on my best tutu
and went to hunt tigers and piano music.
the city can be so overwhelming that
you have to imagine pooky with you
just when you do that.. and calm your breathing...
the busses turn into giant red ladybirds,
the stoplights flashing yellow are giant sunflowers.

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