Monday, 1 December 2008

little red riding hood goes home

wisconsin felt like home this week with its
thick black sky like frozen ink in a bottle...
before we left...we went to a little antique market
right down the road from *the pix*...

the pix is our old movie theatre in the center of the tiny town
i grew up in... it only shows one movie...
(we saw "stand by me" there....and "ghost")
right across from the pix was a little corner cafe called *tiffany's*
it had yellow awnings and ice cream parlor tables..
we used to sneak out of school and get root beer floats there...
it wasnt called tiffany's anymore...
and the pix wasnt showing *ghost* anymore...
but the snow dropped like butterfly wings
on my eyelashes in huge feathery pom poms
just like i remember...
and carrie was there... all dressed up in a cocoon
with her shiny black hair in little girl ringlets..
and her eyes still bright green.
so i still felt home...

i wore my little red riding hood capelet
and tread quickly over the snow
remembering old wolves

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