Tuesday, 2 December 2008

liz on top of the world

some mrs. darcys would play this poorly.
yell in rainstorms in black coats...
climb mountains and walk gardens reading big brown books...
some would not yell.. read tiny books
and play it with a piano topped with velvet bunnies
and two powder puff kittens pulling at the strings.
im the second sort.
this isnt me though...
ive only started learning this piece today!

this is the best performance on youtube
but the sound quality is the worst..
though the more i listened to it..
again* and again* and again*
the more i liked the strange chiming.
it disappears in the higher register
and then finds its way back again...

here are some hop hops i brought home today

1 comment:

Natanya said...

The family Hoppington...
Bunnies bunnies ... and BUNNIES! hop hop hopety hopp :) ***