Sunday, 20 December 2009

the wolf princess & the feather crown

i tied crystals around the necks of wolves in my dream.
they panted and ran ... the crystals caught the sun
and flashed like diamonds in cold grey fur.

i am knitting a crown today. with feathers hanging down.
everyone needs a crown. it should fit just right.
♥ im listening to peter and the wolf ♥

(press play here)
note: alas this is not my crown.. its from we ♥ it


Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Wolves are such beautiful beasts. Except for those human beasts who wear their wolves on the inside. xx

withoutwordswouldyouknow said...

everyone needs a crown.
especially ones with feathers.
and flowers. to catch the snowflakes.

Erimentha said...

a crown for a queen <3

i love your dream.

xoxo you are so sweet.

merry xmas!

Karolina said...

I wish I had such beautiful dreams.. It's a great idea with the crown! :)

faerie finder said...

hehehehehehehehee josephine
i read "wolves have such beautiful breasts"
when i saw your comment. :D
i am very mature.
:) xooxxo

joanne May said...

Beautiful wolves. I really like the idea of putting crystals around their necks. So they can catch the sunlight!
I think your crown will be stunning. You will have to show a picture of you wearing it, when it is finished.
Have you ever seen the old cult movie.'A Company of Wolves'?
It is quite dated now but still a fun fairytale to watch.
Best Christmas Wishes.:)

faerie finder said...

ps. i think its fascinating
how wolves are streaming
through the subconscious
of the people right now.
its a banding together...
a pack mentality
that is needed
to unify us
enough to
make some
change for the better...

faerie finder said...

i havent seen a company of wolves...
i will see if i can find it :)

Jessie said...

Wonderful, magical! Happy christmas,xx

KnitXcorE said...

i have a book with a pattern to knit a crepe paper crown.
i always forget to pick up the crepe paper at the craft store.
one day. one day.

peter and the wolf is the bee's knees.

Stacy said...

i agree - everyone needs a crown :)

PinkBow said...

oh this is lovely, it reminds me a little of bat for lashes

Anouk said...

Wolves are so cute.

Beth Niquette said...

What a wonderful dream--what a beautiful crown. How lovely and whimsical this post is!

Merry Christmas!

April said...

I agree whole heartedly, everyone needs a crown.

Jess. said...

Last year, one of my teachers asked each of us to bring in a favorite piece of music. I brought in a song from Peter and the Wolf. And I absolutely agree about the feather crown, dear. Everyone should wear one and feel like Tiger Lily as some point in their lives.


Anonymous said...

oh, your feather crown is so beauitful dear. i couldn't agree more, everyone needs a crown ♥

Silvestre said...

crown for owl OO
and love wolfes!

Lizard said...

Oh wow the crown is so beautiful! How did you make it?

faerie finder said...

thanks so much lovelies!
oooh i didnt make THAT crown :)
i was making another one!
im not sure how that
one was made but
im obsessed with it!
(mine is knitted)

the golden fairy princess said...

your crown looks so lovely. wolves are so majestic and beautiful, i love them so much.

Avalon said...

very pretty

ZEUS said...

i am going to venture to make my own crown now too i think...