Wednesday, 2 December 2009

nanowrimo 2009

yay ♥ i did it! weeeeeee ♥ *nanowrimo 2009*
it was great to see the banner.
(even if it was orange) yuck.
orange horrifies me.
i had to change it to pink.
there is nothing orange in my house.
i wont even buy oranges. i like them ok
but i cant handle the color in my fridge.
i can only have orange pumpkins in
my house as i carve them. when i
set them out on the counter to
admire with the little candles
glowing inside, the color
upsets me so much i
have to take them
outside. sad.

the past 2 months have been
butterflies in a net frantic.
i just got back from my
america trip yesterday.
all should start to calm
♥ now
we are going to go to
stonehenge tomorrow
because my friend
shawna is visiting
from paris and
shes never been.
jet-lag and stonehenge just seem to go together.
dont you think?


mona lund said...

Bravo for finishing your novel! I yet have to start... Don't be confused by my name: I'm poet from The Girl in the Bay Tree, but I started another blog under a different name since the first one became too style-bloggy. It's going to be filled with beautiful pictures and texts, and I'd be honored if you came and looked at it sometime!

It's here:

*Valentine* said...

Visiting your blog is like entering a fairy tale...
Love it!


Jessie said...

Stonehenge in the winter! It'll be magical :)

faerie finder said...

yay thanks :)
it was ICE COLD
and it rained on
our hats and wellies

my novel isnt done yet
i just got to 50,000 words..
it is still trekking down
the track.!!!

Erimentha said...

i hate orange too ;) it's just a yukky colour.

congrats on nanawrimo 2009!!!

and thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. i still cant believe i'm talking to the stephanie dosen, but favourite girl! :) hahah


dragonfly said...

So you like dull colors too?

Lilbirdy said...

Congratulations! I am confused about the banner thing though. Are you doing some sort of writing contest?

I think your affliction to the colour orange is funny, and kind of cute. I happen to like orange, if it isn't too bright, that is. I was wondering if it also affected you negatively in natural occurances too? Sunsets, flowers, butterflies, goldfish etc.


Anonymous said...

yay! congrats, you deserve it! wow sounds like a busy few days, have fun! x

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Congratulations! Well done. I am not a big fan of orange although it is meant to be a spiritual colour. Pink, white and green. Wishing you all success with your book. xx

Linda said...

I just spent ages escaping from life into your lovely blog. ♥
Thank you for such wonderful piccies and words.

elle s'ennuie said...

I never even got off the ground with this year's nanowrimo :)

faerie finder said...

thanks everyone!! :)
nanowrimo was a writing contest where
you try to do 50,000 words in the month
of november :) with the words "the end"
i had 50,001
:D heh heh

n yup
i like dull stuff ♥

faerie finder said...

and also lilbirdy,
yes.. i love goldfish but
i only buy the white or black ones!

i DO love monarchs though..
but i wish they werent orange!
heh heh

Viviana said...

Congratulations! From one winner to another. It's quite the feeling, isn't it?

I greatly enjoy both your blogs (or the two that I've found) - your designs are lovely, whimsical and charming.


sulkycat said...

well done on getting past that 50,000! i got there too, but mine isnt yet finished (and i have 8 patterns to write up to go with it, fool that i am)

but we are now officially novellists!

MalloryMakesThings said...

I really hate the color orange too. It's just offensive to the eyes!