Tuesday, 8 December 2009

pine branches & baskets of birds

sleepy eye owl here with these long dark nights.
they go on forever. i am in pjs by 7pm
because im positive it is midnight.

today we put up our tree and
hung pine branches with lights.
we set out little baskets of birds
and a big bowl of white owls.
i also got out my snoopy
christmas piano music
and played all night.
♥ christmas ♥


Country Sweetie said...

Sending you some hoots ♥
You are so cute. I'm not used to these long nights. I'm trying to embrace them with tea, couch blankets & netflix.

ellie said...

Long nights it cetainly is, it's dark before 5pm with us!

I've got to say your Christmas tree is just magical and the description of the baskets is so fairy-like, you really do have such a beautiful way of approching the world.


Josephine Tale Peddler said...

We are steaming, stinking hot. The light goes on forever. My little tree is wilting but my Johnny Cash Christmas CD moves the spirit. Oh for snow, reindeer and wintery, frosty glistening owls. xx

Lilbirdy said...

Christmas!!!XXXX Yay! We are getting our tree Saturday but I think the kids might blast off on the pent up energy before then! WooT!


Cheers to cozy premature jammy time. :-)

Karolina said...

I'm in pjs just after I get back from class, no difference if it's 5 or 9 pm :D and as for the darkness I woke up just an hour ago and was sure it was still night. But it was 8 am! I wish for some sunlight..

Love your tree!

Hunting for Craft said...

Your tree looks very pretty indeed. Long nights indeed but they are a good excuse to be rosy cosy x

nath said...

i love A Charlie Brown Christmas. oh i do.

faerie finder said...

thanks lovelies :)
i am staying in sooo much
i might turn into an ornament myself!
♥ heh heh heh