Thursday, 3 December 2009

lulette & snow

lamby is licking the steam off of the windows
its better than any other drink he says
because its nice and cold.

i am going to be present
i am going to be here now
i will not scramble or be frantic
i will sink to the pinpoint of peace

its my choice :)


teapartied said...

Inspiring words :)
Lovely blog!

Christina said...

I love u blog ! it's so sweet!
I will continue reading you...

faerie finder said...

thanks! :) xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love your beautiful blog, it´s very nice to read it and feel so peaceful. I give a hug to you! =)

Anonymous said...

I'm late to this post, but had to say I think your blog is wonderful. This post in particular helps me feel much better about things. Thank you.