Thursday, 17 December 2009

i look more like a tree now

hiding snow puff hide hide good.
the fish in my little pond
are ducking down under
the leaves to slow down
their heartbeats.
me too.

i am waking up very early these days
the windows are white and i make
coffee before my eyes open.
i have to go to the studio
by 3 so i want to have a
full day before that or
i feel wasted away.


Karolina said...

lovely change :) you look beautiful with your new hair. and I understand about the early getting up. I do exactly the same since I get out of the house mostly at 2 pm..

The Curious Cat said...

ooo I was going to go dark but after the recent break-up with my boyf I decided I needed to stick with follow the manta blondes have more fun...but do let me know if you discover this to be wrong! xxx

anji-jane said...

I truly love the dark hair!!! I like to rise early too and live a day before any real 'work' begins. x

That Hooligan Girl said...

I remember you talking about it a while back. I think the color looks wonderful on you. ^_^ xoxo

E said...

you look truly beautiful with your new hair :)
i too like to wake up early (though i'm not a morning person), because i don't want to miss the day.

withoutwordswouldyouknow said...

regardless of hair colour - beautiful.

oh i love early mornings. i have to get up at half 4, which is actually still the middle of the night, but i get the city sparkling to myself.

or so it seems

teapartied said...

I have been waking up early too these days. I'm much more productive that way.
You are beautiful :)

Bethany said...

Thankyou for the comment on my blog, it made me smile. :)

May I say, your hair looks wonderful. :)


faerie finder said...

thanks everybody :)
my hair is fading out now :(
which happens when you dye blonde hair dark
i need to re-do it a few times to get it
nice and deep.

this is the first time in my life ive
ever gotten up early on my own
normally im a noon-riser and
night owl... but i like it.
i like coffee ♥

Anonymous said...

Awwww, you did it! I love it, it suits you perfectly! I can't wait to see other pics like that!

It's snowing here in normandy! love it!

Love you!

harps said...

looks charming!

Anonymous said...

you never fail to make me smile :)

Love your hair....wish I dared!!

Linda said...

Very nice hair, I have only ever had brown hair and can't imagine it being anything else. (I found an owl for our tree, thank you for inspiring owliness in our house!)

The Owl Diary said...

such a lovely blog.

Bad, bad Hatty said...

I like your hair. I recently re-dyed my hair red, with henna, after a year of my natural colour . Changes a person doesn't it? Do you feel any different? I do, I'm happier and feel more myself. I love your blog. Hope to meet you again soon. Lolly Mccrafter (amida knitters, occasionally)

Mirabelle Dupont said...

This is very pretty and makes me slightly less unhappy even though I still have to write one last paper... Thanks!


Country Sweetie said...

Your hair looks GREAT!! What a great photo.. your sweetness beams from this photo! Have a wonderful Merry Christmas! ♥

Laurence said...

hey i really love your blog <3
and your cats too ^^

the wild wolves said...

Oh I love the new hair! Loovellyyy