Wednesday, 14 October 2009

even if alice ate 100 current cakes

she would still look up to gatsby

because he is so great.
at least thats what they say.

today i had a long chat with ciara
we talked a lot about *one time one meeting*
really.. its silly to waste these moments thinking
about it all too much... or worrying with nervousness.
its best just to let time roll and appreciate every tick and tock.

id like to have a grandfather clock.
i think the ticking and tocking would be reassuring.
it wouldnt stop. or pause. ever.
you can really count on a clock.


Josephine Tale Peddler said...

yes, ir is best to appreciate every tick and tock although time can be scary. What lovely images! Mia looks so beautiful. xx

faerie finder said...

i think the ticking keeps you grounded.
that and watching harry potter marathons
of course ;)

The Curious Cat said...

I need to watch this film again...and read the evades my

faerie finder said...

i had never seen it until 2 days ago..
it was really beautiful.. quite enchanting
of course sad.. and i also pitied the
characters to near disdain
so much it was almost
unbearable.. but i
still recommend it!

PinkBow said...

i have a clock in every room, 2 in some rooms. drives everyone else mad who come in! i would rally like a cuckooo clock but have yet to find one. love the great gatsby.

Skot McCall said...

Wouldn't it be magical to not be able to distinguish a tick from a tock, because you're so in the present moment. When the night is a tick and the day is a tock, I'll let you know!
Worrying is praying for what you don't want, and as the great David Bowie intoned in the song "Time"....."We should be ON by NOW!" (a play on words). Love the daily posts, faerie finder!

Elise said...

such a brilliant post - I'm loving your blog so thank you and lovely to meet you !

a. said...

so beautiful.

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Tis better to get lost in time than be kept by it. Clocks are forever the keepers of time. We are forever the users of it.
bunny hugs,