Saturday, 10 October 2009

have to believe we are magic

here she is walking down the aisles of my heart in 1980.

when doctors found out that there was a little tiny olivia
dancing in shorts and white cowboy boots inside of me
they just sort of shrugged... "it is very rare." they said,
"but to try to remove it now would be very dangerous."
so they just shot a quick video and left her inside me ♥
no, ive never minded one bit.
its a very good thing
to believe indeed.


sugar plum fairy said...

HOW UNCANNY!!!! i was *just* looking at videos of her! i am so happy she has finally found her soulmate (amazon herb man).. have you heard "angel eyes" ? such a pretty song.. i love the sound of her voice circa 1974 - so sweet & inocent.. she is *the best* ♥

Cookie-Fee said...

:D thats actually the sweetes, cutest and most wonderful thing i´ve ever read for imagination :)


Renee said...

Thank you so much. I forgot how much I like her music.

Love Renee xoxo

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Forever beautiful Olivia. Such a whimsical notion the thought of her inside you. I loved Olivia so badly. I can still remember all her old country hits and albums before the Xanadu and Grease stage. I used to cry in I honestly Love You! x

Lilee said...

love it!

faerie finder said...

aw yay!
i just remember when i saw pictures
of her riding dolphins, wearing that
white headband.. i knew would never be the same.
ha ha ha
i think as a little girl i thought
she was really an angel.
i used to sing this
song on my swing-set

i would shout it with such conviction
and purpose at the top of my lungs.
no wonder i talk to
sparkly things now.
ha ha ha :D

Sara said...

she reminds me of angels...

PinkBow said...

haha love it xoxo

Anonymous said...

:3 I love your blog, inspiring.