Monday, 5 October 2009

starfish in a jar

yesterday we went to brighton and sat on the beach.

the water was pale teal and the wind was cold.

we found some shells and starfish at a little shop by the water.
then we rode on the carousel... my horses name was lydia.
she showed her teeth to the sea as we went round & round.

i came home and put the biggest starfish in a glass vase.
i like this glass vase because it looks like water...
you can almost hear it rushing ♥


Sara said...

I love the colours...

a mouse said...

thanks :)
isnt seafoam just made to make us feel better?

*Valentine* said...

L♥VE it!!!!

But seahorses are going to disappear from the seas! Don't buy them :/

Jessie said...


a mouse said...

oh no!! i didnt know :(
im glad i didnt buy any seahorses..
i saw them there.. but they made
me kind of sad for some reason...

That Hooligan Girl said...

What a great glass to put the star fish in. The ocean is beautiful but fierce as well.

Miss•Elena•Eous said...

Do you ever wonder that there are too many coincidences in the world to not be something more? I found two in your blog today... Brighton and Lydia are the names of my favorite bands. How interesting! The pictures are lovely by the way. Sounds like a perfect day. Where, might I ask, is Brighton?

poet said...

That's true... it does look like water. Very pretty. I wish I had time to sit by the sea...


Anonymous said...

oh they are just ever so beautiful, they look perfect in the little jars. inspiring post as always, you are so magical dear ♥

Lets_go_find_a_Rain_beau! said...

It's so pretty.
I went to Brighton many years ago and absolutely loved it. I want to go back one day.
...but only in a couple weeks I will be in Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds!
I am very excited about it.
Have you ever been there? Do you have any "must-go-to's" or "must-see-places"?

Have a great week!


kimi said...

the first pic looks so dreamy. Love this post.

faerie finder said...

oooh thanks everyone :)
brighton is about an hour drive south
from london straight to the sea-side.
its the closest city on the ocean
so it gets a lot of city dwellers
coming down to steal shells.

as for leeds, manchester and liverpool..
ive been to each several times.. but only on
a tour bus! so i dont think i ever
saw anything very good except
dank bars and drunk people :(
i have a skewed view from
a bus window! im always
roaming the streets at
like 2 am looking for
a cheeseburger
to absolutely
no avail so
im not the
one to ask!
.. hm..
oh! wait.. thinking.... in liverpool
there is a lovely museum
down on the mersey shore
with cute little shops.. and
maybe you can see some
beatles stuff if you are a fan?

leeds has LOOOOOts of students
and can be quite crazy. every time
ive been there people are dressed
like pirates or hookers.. its strange.

manchester... is a pretty intense city.
i always tease them when im onstage
that ive brought my purse up with
me so anyone trying to steal it
out of the dressing room is
out of luck.. no seriously
they are not all thieves.
you could see if you can find morrissey!!!
when i got there all i was thinking about
was the smiths.. i went to a radio
station for an interview and
then later found out one
of the guys in the room
was mike joyce. im dumb.
i had no idea!
ive rambled

faerie finder said...

ps, have a good time :)
i know you will!

poet said...

Your name-change confused me... but thanks for your comment under the new name, now it looks like more people are reading my stuff :) I know, the first one is hilarious enough even in the real version - how random music videos can be!


Anonymous said...

such a beautiful sorrow♥
the captive sea star may perish; though in a jar that resembled his home♥

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Starfish to me is a symbol of the goddess. I wonder is it Brighton that Nick Cave lives in or Julian Clary? I hope your starfish brings you lovely dreams. She has found a good home. xx

joanne May said...

Hi Mouse,
Beautiful photos. You seem to be a collector of all sorts of special things. I love the swan feather too. I also have a shell collection in a jar with a few star fish. Your jar does look like water, it is an amazing effect.
I'm just about to do a new post with the illustration but it is taking me a while to set up all the images!
See you soon.

LanguageTimothy said...

Aww it really does look like a starfish sitting in the shoreline :)

sugar plum fairy said...

i completely agree.. you collect the best things! your posts are so unique & make me all happy inside when i read them. yes, it does look like a vortex of water.. pretty pretty seafoam. ♥ xoxo

PinkBow said...

ah these are so lovely... we are in tune sweet lady!

sulkycat said...

the star fish in shops have usually been taken alive from the sea bed, please dont buy them!(lots of info on this from various sea life centres) - i am in leeds, when are you here? are you playing because i would love to come and see you!