Thursday, 15 October 2009

fringe & wings

ive been a busy sewing bee for the past 2 days
i wanted to make some new fairy skirts for tour.. like you do.
ill post some pictures when the light is better.
and tonight i cut my bangs a little bit
so they are a little shorter... like you
can even tell in this photo.. but
you can see my weird freckle
which is on my nose. which
i would like to ask
about when i

and then i was getting something out of my closet when
somehow a feather embedded itself into my arm-warmer.
i stuck one in the other side too
& thought they looked a bit like wings...
i sort of flapped around my room after that ♥


harps said...

I'm glad you flapped around your room. It would have been inappropriate not to!

Anonymous said...

What an interesting blog... You have a unique voice, reminds me of my own a little. I think I came here following an interest in Plath--I may come back.

Skot McCall said...

I've heard it postulated that birthmarks are traumatic wounds from past lives, so maybe you were an Egyptian Sphinx and French soldiers "blew your nose" off!

faerie finder said...

its weird.. i didnt always have it.
i had a friend who was shot..
he was shot right there..
and after that.. i got
that little freckle.
my friend didnt die.
and he looks just the same
as he did before... ive always
thought that the freckle came
from empathy
or some other

sometimes you cant see it at all.
and sometimes you can.
thats what i want to ask about.

:) harps! yes! completely inaprop! ha ha ha

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

I like the fringe. The freckle could be the magic spot. xx

joanne May said...

Freckles and birthmarks are strange things and they do keep changing over time. I think they can look cute.;)
I have quite a few moles and freckles. I also have a small birthmark on my face (left cheek), called a port wine stain. It has always been in the shape of a heart, since I was little!
A few years ago, I had an operation on it to remove a small lump in the center. The doctor said they could remove the birthmark completely but I said no. I kind of like it!;)
It is worth having freckles and other marks checked out by your doctor, if they change too much. Especially if you spend a lot of time in the sun.
By the way I like your little wings. Keep on flying high!;)
Love and hearts, Jo.x♥x

P.S. Sorry! Third time lucky I kept making mistakes!

E said...

i have heard that whenever you find a feather that has popped out of nowhere an angel has visited there :)

Laura said...

At first glance I thought the feather was embedded in your ARM!! Ahahahaha!! I'm glad it wasn't, but that might be fun, especially while you're on tour. Maybe you could fly/hover above the bus and be able to get some fresh air. xoxoxox

Sara said...

You look lovely in wings!

renee said...

Love your blog. It puts me into another world that I don't visit often enough.

camille said...

That song is whimsical. Yours? Happy flapping.

Anonymous said...

you are so magical! and i love love love your music, it's beautiful X

PinkBow said...

how cute does this look!

bellaunion said...

come home safe and sound little snowbird xoxo

Jessie said...

When you get to my age the freckle will take on a life all of its own, maybe grow wings?....
Great post as always.xx

the wild wolves said...

i love this post! sooo maaggical

a. said...

looks weird but kind of lovely, lovely, lovely...

Michelle (Shell) May said...

A magical kiss that was placed upon you to leave a little mark of mystery.
Wings to remind you to fly each and every day towards the dreams in your head.
bunny hugs,

Rosie said...

hello dear little fairy,

i have been visiting you for some time now, but just realised i have never left a comment!!

i adore your blog, your music and your pictures. all so beautiful!!

and your knitted items and fairy skirts. just magic. you are so very talented!

your fairy skirts have inspired me to make my costume this halloween by hand. i am tinkerbell this year, with my boyfriend as peter pan. and my tinkerbell costume shall have a green-ish skirt, made in a similar way to your fairy skirts!! Thank you so much for the inspiration. i hope that you do not mind.