Thursday, 8 October 2009

if i had a castle i would paint it powder blue

and add glitter on the doors.
then everyone who came in
would get glitter on their
hands.. and when they
rubbed their noses,
their faces would
sparkle in the

wellllllll... its back on the bus y'all for me.
!!! *** im going! *** ♥ ♥ ♥ !!! ***
i've been invited on the bus!
i really cant fathom it.
i hope i can be myself
and still be fun to be
around... i want to
bring my joy with
me and give it to
everyone for a
good tour.

THIS TIME... im going to live INSIDE of life instead of on top.
THIS TIME... im going to allow everything... let moments be.
THIS TIME... im going to remember that im just a human.
THIS TIME... i wont try to be perfect... nobody is perfect.
THIS TIME... im going to relax... a bit... thats if i can :)


faerie finder said...

the tour is just for 10 days all around the uk
with the indigo girls in case anyone was
wondering :) they have been one of my
all time favourite bands for 20 years.
(which really seems crazy when you
think of it!) they always put out
a new album just as my life is
tipping upside down.. well.
this will be a good final
solo tour i think!
(im done after this :) whew!

Anonymous said...

i am ever so excited for you, my dear! the sparkly noses sound delightful. lovely pictures, darling♥

PonderandStitch said...

Oh, i LOVE the Indigo Girls! I've seen them live twice and they were amazing. Every time I need a pick-me-up I blast Closer to always does the trick!

sugar plum fairy said...

oh oh oh! that picture is precious!
i was at the animal shelter this
afternoon & saw a little all white cat & instantly thought of YOU! :)
congrats on the upcoming solo tour with the indigo girls - you will be wonderful and your attitude is beaming with BEAUTY & GOOD. ♥ xoxo
enjoy your adventure!!!!!!!!!
~ lara

withoutwordswouldyouknow said...

have fun!
it's an adventure!

Belle-Etoile said...

Good luck my dear! I hope you have a magnificent time! ^^

Waterrose said...

Good luck, enjoy and have fun. I just listened to your "owl in the dark" you have such a haunting, mesmerizing voice.

Vanessa. said...

that's wonderful that you are getting to travel on your with a band who you love so much :) xx

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Have fun and spread your magic everywhere. xx

Karen said...

Powder blue and glitter go together like forests and faeries x

I'm sure you will have a wonderful time on tour. What a great experience!

faerie finder said...

thanks everybody :)
uur my heart is pacing.
im going to practice being blase about
it for the next 10 days... just to fake
myself out.... they must really
know how to live in 'the now'
to tour this much for this
long. i have no idea
how to do that...
hope i will learn
a lot... its just the
and looking
for the right boots .haha ha

juliette said...

what a lovely post! have fun dear!

E said...

your cat is adorable :) have fun on the tour!

The Curious Cat said...

I adore the photo! So cute!

Anna said...

Will you still be able to blog? O dearie me I hope so......

Laura said...

Yay Thnappers!!! I'm so excited for you. You will have a lovely adventure and you will do swimmingly at having it. :) Many hugs from far away!!!! xoxoxoxox

Renee said...

You really are pure magic.

Renee xoxo

malin said...

Have so much fun on the road! And keep your eyes open - maybe you´ll stumble upon a powder blue castle. With glitter doors. You´re right, that would be so pretty and magical!

That Hooligan Girl said...

Im so happy for you! I wish everyone a fun and safe tour!

Skot McCall said...

The trick is that EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!

faerie finder said...

ah! ha ha ha i actually read that on your
blog after i wrote that.. and thought
about changing what i wrote to
"everything already is perfect already"!!
im so happy that you posted that :)
that is just exactly right on :)

Alexandra said...

♥ ♥ ♥
Love this pic!
Have a nice tour, wish I was there to see you!
Don't wanna miss this!!

Skot McCall said...

You have the most ambiance of those I've met through the waves! Very inspirational. I'm quickly becoming a fan! I would be extremely honored if you would view my low-tech musical venture at I haven't really shown it to anyone. P.S. - My son's name is "Two Ravens" on his birth certificate, so it's nice to meet someone from the bird tribe!

nath said...

oh well now, that is a sparkly bit of news! well done, be sure to have a wonderful time and lucky ol Indigo Girls i say, getting to hang out with you. and, wow, i might even be able to come along to a gig - eep!

Aline la Bergère said...

Good for you sweetie!! Have fun and hope you find your peace with the list of things you shared for 'this time'. Sparkle kisses for the kitties. Hugs A.xx

Anonymous said...

ahhh congratulations! you'll have a fabulous time i'm sure. and it's in the UK! i'll deffinately have to try and catch a gig then! x

sara said...

i'm so excited for you dear:)you will be wonderful you magical little sparkle feather!have fun:)

joanne May said...

Have a great time... I think you are going to have a lot of fun with the girls.;)
I'm glad you liked the illustration!
You can put the picture on your blog if you like. I would love to see the magic wand you mentioned, in one of your posts.
Best fairy wishes.

Francie. said...

funny you posted about a white cat actually, i was in a pet store the other week and there was this tiny, absolutely GORGEOUS white kitten there, with one blue eye, and the other green, i wanted to grab it up in my hands at that second!

Lets_go_find_a_Rain_beau! said...

Wow! I hope you'll have a great time! Not too long until my little UK tour! ;)

PinkBow said...

oh i am sooo pleased for you...i do hope you will share your adventure with us

Little Miss Norway said...

So you're going on tour then, good for you my sweets! :-)

But where and when, if I can catch you, I will come along for sure!

Please let me know!

Lots of love and luck - you'll be fantastic, as always! *nodsheadfuriously*


faerie finder said...

thanks!!! i will let you know all the
funny things that happen :)

kimi said...

this picture is gorgeous!

♪♫♪ Stina said...

Such a wonderful post! & your tiny kitty ♥

I'll go to bed soon, dreaming of glitter, feathers, kitties & old wooden houses.

Have a lovely time on the bus.

xoxo, Stina.