Tuesday, 17 February 2009

walking the red carpet in flats

last night we went to the london premier of confessions of a shopaholic
it was in leicester square and the energy was mental
loud music and spotlights twirling everywhere
cameras on cranes swooping over the crowd
tons of beautiful models covered in shopping bags
people cramming in to try to get pictures past security.
i have to admit its quite fun to hold the golden ticket
and get to walk the red carpet.. (in this case pink carpet)
but one thing i have learned is never ever ever ever
try to do it in flats... you just feel like a shrimp.
we saw lots of stars which is always fun
and isla fisher sat almost in our row
(one section over) for the movie..
there is something really special about
laughing at funny parts... and knowing that
the actress is actually IN the theatre
watching it with you.. and you are sort
of letting her know how much you love
her work right then and there... by laughing.
because its true!... isla fisher is a comedic genius!
i had a really good time even though
i wore charity shop crap and flats.
and we turned down the afterparty like idiots.
ps. i look kind of like a bitch in these photos but im not one.


Jocerane said...

I came to your blog from Ravelry, and read it from the begining.
I love it!
I had a shock when I saw Xanadu. I have dreamed several time about a similar house I loved very much, but I've never been there, and did not knew the exixtence of it! Funny!

a faerie finder said...

thanks! xanaduuuuu xanaduuuuuuuu (now we are HERE) in xanaduuuuuuu. *sigh* beautiful.

Laura said...

hahaha...i love the last line. thnapps!!

a faerie finder said...

AH thnappths!!!!! didnt see you here my love