Friday, 13 February 2009

friendly neighborhood girls hat man

there is a little old man in my neighborhood
he sits at the bus stop right by the library.
sometimes i see him going to tesco's.
he uses a walker because he cant walk very well..
and its obvious that he cant see very well..
he shuffles along very slowly.
he wears a lovely brown tweed coat.
lovely tweed trousers.. a grey scarf...
perfectly respectable brown boots.
and a lavender and pink sparkly hat.
i am positive he has no idea that
he is wearing a girls hat..
i dont know if his granddaughter left it over one day?
and its become the mix-up of the century?..
if shes wandering around the playground
wearing a tweed cap and no one is saying anything?
i feel bad for him .. but it also makes me very happy.
i dont know why.


a faerie finder said...

i forgot to mention that he has a song..

heeeeesss youuuurrrr...
FRIEndly NEIGhborhood... girls HAT man...
hes the one .. hes the one that can
hes your FRIENdly NEIGHborhood.. girls HAT man.
there are 2 parts to the song.. but
its hard to tell you how they go
over typing.

KnitXcorE said...

there's an elderly gentleman that picks up change off of the floor in the shop that i work at. sometimes he wears a green clown wig, and others a cap with a shark jumping through it. one day he was dressed as a clownfish. i like to leave pennies on the floor for him.

a faerie finder said...

aw! i love it!
do you think i should leave my man a tweed hat? :D