Monday, 16 February 2009

velvet bella union chapel valentine

on valentines day simons record label (bella union)
had a special concert at a cathedral in london.
dustin o'halloran played his lovely piano songs first...
i was so happy when he played the ones he composed
for sophia coppolas *marie antoinette*!!!
to hear them in person after listening to
the record so many times was holy
and i blissed out over it!
and beautiful *our broken garden* played too
and lovable peter broderick.. both so perfect.

i was so proud of simon because he got up and
said a few words even though he didnt plan to
and the audience was so responsive even
though tickets only went on sale 2 weeks before,
we almost sold out to over 700 guests.
i think its a testament to simons heart
and love for sharing good music.
it was really his night and i loved it.
(i wore a red velvet coat & a frilly
caplet that natanya petal crocheted me
all by herself.. and it was her first project!)
i was honored to wear it even though
she couldnt be there that night
which is a shame because she
would have loved it so much
the stained glass was so beautiful
and it was so dark with a million
tiny candles all flickering along the edges...
everyone was


Bad, bad Hatty said...

Union Chapel is sooo beautiful! Imma jealous girl! Lolly Mccrafter, whatever the name up there says!

a faerie finder said...

hi bad bad hatty lolly! xoxoxoxo