Tuesday, 10 February 2009

ode to the lost kibble

somehow there is a piece of cat food
stuck in the soundboard of my grand piano.
i dont know how it got there..
its underneath the strings
and try as i might.. i CANT GET IT OUT.
i can pick it up... (with a little tweezers)
but i cant get it past the STRINGS.

it wouldnt bother me that much...
but when i play, lamby and roo
perch on the lid and claw and bite
at the strings trying to get it.
which is stupid.
they have AN ENTIRE BOWL of food
in the kitchen.. but somehow
all the little kibbles in the world
dont match up to the glory and allure
of this one lone lost kibble..

somehow when things get lost
they get illuminated.
but they arent special.
they just arent yours.

1 comment:

KnitXcorE said...

maybe if you could find the tiniest cat, you could let it loose inside and it could eat the lost kibble. i guess, then, you'd have to figure out how to remove the tiny cat. nevermind.