Saturday, 20 March 2010

a book of pretend

this is a little book of pretend i found. pretending makes it real.
i remember starting out half of my conversations that way ♥

near kew gardens there is a fabric shop that
sells reproduction fabrics from the late 1800's...
i squirreled some away and made this bunchy skirt yesterday.
it feels like a down duvet and crinkles softly when i walk.

today while i was walking molly
i saw a little girl passing on a red bus.
she was pointing at my hat and her dad was smiling.
(that erased the reaction i had gotten from a little old lady
a few minutes earlier) ♥ my question to her is:
why on this earth would you NOT want ears on your hat?


Harlow Darling said...

Wow your hat is lovely! Did you make it yourself or did you buy it somewhere? Because I would love to know where I could get one like that before winter sets in where I am :)

faerie finder said...

sure dear thanks! i knitted it :)
do you knit?
i sell the pattern on my knitting blog.
it is actually a max hat from
where the wild things are"

it comes with directions for the crown too.

(the picture is on the right side
and has the crown on over the top)

Patricia Snook said...

Oh this is too cute for words! xoxo

faerwillow said...

~oh i adore your so dainty and sweet...could you possibly make another?!? l♥ve...and the ears on the cute is are quite the talented one...brightest blessings~

joanne May said...

Don't old books, look and feel great. The pages take you into a magical world... I also collect old children's books. If you are starting a good collection, have a look see, on the internet for 'Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens'. It is illustrated by Arthur Rackham. I have a copy, I bought it from America, on ebay!
I love your Victorian style skirt and why not wear a hat with ears.;) All you need now, is a knitted tail with a fluffy tassel on the end.
Speak to you again soon.;)
Fairy tale wishes.

PonderandStitch said...

Oh, I LOVE that skirt!! The hat is adorable, too- I would wear either one!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you, but I love the smell of old books. Or any book for that matter. My family thinks I'm weird because I like to open my books and take a good whiff.

I would have loved to have seen the look on that old lady's face when she saw your Max hat. Wonder what she would have done if you actually howled like a wild thing?

Blessed are those who confound expectations.

faerie finder said...

aw thanks loves! ♥
oooh jo i do! i do! i collect them!
do i dare admit. .that i have it!? haha!
simon got me a really old rackham ppikg
with hand tipped color plates for
christmas one year. :)
(and a couple of grimms!)
now what im desperate for is the rackham undine!
ive always wanted to post my collection...
its just so hard to photograph books well!
id love to browse your library!!!! i bet we
have the same stuff!

ok im off to knit a tail hehehe

faerie finder said...

and howl :)

Anonymous said...

adorable hat~

faerie finder said...

oh faerwillow .. thank you!
if you saw my skirt up close
you would see that the seams are wonky
and the pockets are crinkled.. hehehe
im going to practice because im not a
very good seamstress.. but i hope someday
to sell them on etsy :)
MAYBE if i get GOOD.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a lovely book!
your blog is so sweet
it makes my dull days sparkle :]

faerie finder said...

yay thanks :)

Katherine said...

Long skirts are just SO nice aren't they? I was rifling through my mother's closet one day and pulled out a floor-length skirt she had only worn once, and tried it on just out of curiosity. I had never worn one before (can you believe it!), but the moment I zipped up the back & looked in the mirror I was in love! I wish, I wish we could still wear them every day!

faerie finder said...

i think im going for it!
i am desperate for long skirts..
its just that because they arent popular
anymore we have to make them!
(until we win them all over) ♥

Cookie-Fee said...

:D i would have been starring at you too...but just because i so adore this hat ;)it´s perfect for making people smile!!

kisses and cuddles

joanne May said...

You go girl and bring back some good old Victorian fashion...
I am looking for some black buttoned ankle books. I bet I would find them in a London market!
You should open an Etsy shop too. It is great fun!:)
I think the knitted eared hats would sell really well.:)
Your vintage book collection sounds wonderful. You better not let me see them. A few might go missing. Hee hee!
I replied to your cat post. There's a fly on the lamp.

Karolina said...

lack of imagination i suppose? or believing that anyone with a bit of it must be a witch. these are my top choices. great hat btw :)

Pauline said...

The skirt is to die for, long, flowing, gorgeours. You are a clever wee thing. As for the hat why can't people be free to wear what ever they like and other people should see the joy and fun in it, my goodness you would think an old lady, of all people would see the fun side, hey al least you had clothes on! Self expression, a thing to embrace for all!

Nachrichten aus Wunderland said...

Your cap is beautiful!

faerie finder said...

thanks yall
ooooh clothes!!!! yep.. i should have worn THEM! :D
oops.. hehehe

Jessie said...

hear hear!!xx

(oops! unintended pun!)

Gigi said...

Love the rustley skirt and the hat is much fun! I recently made a pink kitten hat for one of my littles -- now I think I must make one for me too

Gigi said...

Love the rustley skirt and the hat is much fun! I recently made a pink kitten hat for one of my littles -- now I think I must make one for myself too ;-).

Lemon said...

oh. a book of pretend?
i want one!

jo said...

oh I so want that skirt!!!!
Its stunning it really is

ent said...

Wow!! you made a skirt that rustles, its beautiful!!

Jess said...

Ooooh how wonderful! I love visiting Kew Gardens...going to have to look up that fabric place ps. your blog is so beautiful x

Coby said...

Hello fellow Rackham fan (I only have 1 book) Thanks for posting about the daddy and his little girl, I bought one of your earred (and horn) patterns yesterday even tho I was worried about what people would think of a 50 year old wearing ears and horns in England. Because 'people don't do that in Cheadle!' Well then, I will be the 1st ;o) I will send you a photo

PS: I'd love to see a tail pattern too :D

ladycathead said...

I love long rustly skirts. I made a long one that opened in the front to wear over a shorter one. My cat came over, smiled approvingly up at me and then walked inside the opening the skirt and laid down behind my feet. I laughed myself silly! And I stood there for quite a while because I was kinda trapped! LOL