Thursday, 19 November 2009

lamby & the willow wand

a little lady named helen sold me this willow wand for one pound.

she has a tiny antique store at the end of my road
it is filled with wooden stools & globe lamps.
she never gets anything new, but sometimes
i stop in just to say hello. i saw this staff
with the curly vines and my face lit up.
"oh that old thing, you can have that
for a pound." she said. yay.
lamby got in the picture
can you tell what a
bastard he is?
maybe you cant cause he looks kind of cute.

ps. nanowrimo is my bitch
im at 33,000 and ticking like a clock.
and thanks everyone for your encouragement!
it really really helps. i hope nano is your bitch too.


E said...

it looks like your cat has something cheeky planned for the wand :) the wand is beautiful.

Stephanie Sanassee said...

Wow a willow wand! The willow tree is full of magic and enchantment and it is said that if you have a piece of willow, then it will enhance your dreams...

...Lamby is just too cute!

faerie finder said...

thanks! ha ha its totally not willow i dont think
im just pretending cause i liked the name...
im not sure what it is...
anyone know?

kimi said...

Your cat is beautiful - okay all cats are, but yours is really really beautiful.

withoutwordswouldyouknow said...

gosh yes what a bastard he looks.
little brute.

looks too like you have nano right where you want her...

Belle-Etoile said...

Every time I see your house it just looks more and more beautiful!

Anonymous said...

my dear, the willow is just so very lovely♥
your kitty looks very darling♥

ratu lakhsmita indira said...

cocteau twins, the cure, siousxie and the banshes, slowdive, the sundays, this mortal coil, indigo girls, the smiths, julie delpy, hummm... i love your taste in musics...

Karen said...

Wow... I love your willow wand ! And only £1 !! :)
What has little lamby been up to?? Catching poor little mice? hmm?


Lilbirdy said...

I wonder if the wand is made from a rowan branch. We have a couple rowan trees in the front and I think they look similar with the scrawny little twig-branches sprouting out from the bigger one. I can't get outside to take pictures but I found these:
Rowan Trees and this:
Wiki Facts
So it seems ot be one of the most likely types of wood to make a wand out of, if you ask me that is! If you could see our branches you might agree. We had windstorm that blew some down. I will go fetch them and send you pics when I can.


Anonymous said...

Lamby looks so innocent and sweet :) I love your blog!

Fairy Kisses....

Anonymous said...

congrats on the 33,000 words! that is so incredibly impressive! & the willow wand is immense! and such a bargain x

Antii Sullivan said...

Your blogs are so beautiful! I love the photographs and knitwear!
Please have a look at my site!

joanne May said...

Wow, £1 for a Willow Wand...You are not only a Faerie Finder but you find magical faerie items too!!!;)
Your white cat is stunning. I wonder why us faeries like having pet cats?
Lovely to visit you again...

joanne May said...

Oh, I forgot to mention. I have not forgotten about getting you a print of the illustration I did of you.:)
I have been a bit busy lately sorting out my shop...I'm going to get some limited prints soon for Etsy. I just need to arrange to go the printers, so it might take me a while...
I will let you know and send you a signed picture!;)

Lets_go_find_a_Rain_beau! said...

You're apartment always looks so dreamy & pretty! It seems to be the perfect house for a pretty fairy!



PinkBow said...

well done i'm amazed how well you're doing with your project.

your home looks so lovely, quite like an aladdin's cave with lots of wonderful things to look at.

Anonymous said...

Haha, your cat. I wish i had a white cat - but i love my two black and white kitties!!
Ahhh well done on NanoWriMo!!

camille said...

I want a wand too!!!

Erimentha said...


are you actually stephanie dosen?

i fucking love you if you are!!!!!!!!!!! i have your albums and all the little extra singles and song and I LOVE THEM ALL!

you're such an inspiration, and if this is actually you i will die of happiness.

:) lots of love,

Anonymous said...

now I see it..