Wednesday, 4 November 2009

little kitten basket & the tour lag

aw i made this little basket. it took forEVER to felt
because i have to do all of my felting by hand these days.
if i was a very very tiny kitten i would get inside of it.
*ive posted the free pattern on my knitting site*

so. i am neck deep in national novel writing month!
i am writing my first novel ♥
the goal is to write 2000 words a day
and by the end have over 50,000 words.
i know that math is a bit dodgy... but
with editing and all that... it works.
its funny how fast it all comes out
once you start. its so much easier
than writing songs... because
with songs you dont have
that much room to say
everything you want.
to make every hint
totally understood.

plus im knitting a gigantic afghan and watching
episodes of ghost whisperer online. i am such a nerd.

mostly all of this bed-ridden activity is due to the fact
that i am tour-lagged and have picked up some sort
of hideous cold that has me seeing stars. the only
super cool thing is that i MAY have gotten the
cold from emily saliers! my songwriting guru
gave me a cold. what if joni mitchell gave you
a cold? well, emily is my joni. she had one
on tour and since we were all crammed on
a tiny bus i am guessing that is why im
feeling like a giant marshmallow.

at first i spelled marshmallow marshmEllow.
i thought that was the right way my whole life.
i guess they just arent as laid back as i thought.

im not saying that im saving my kleenex or anything
just because i got my cold from emily!!!!! ha ha ha :)
its just that... i mean.. if you have to get a cold
you may as well get it from someone really cool.


Lara Fairy said...

Ohhh what a sweet little basket; I love the colour! Best wishes on your novel and welcome back from touring. :o)

Bria said...

I love your basket.

I hope you feel better very very soon! Fluids. :)

withoutwordswouldyouknow said...



Sara said...

lovely basket and how amazing is it that you are writing a novel!!! That;s just great news!! x

nath said...

oh there you are. i was wondering. i love that you're writing a book. hope the words keeping pouring out of you in an orderly fashion. and that you say goodbye to the cool cold too. sambucol! vitamin B12! vitamin C! floradix!

be well.

Miss•Elena•Eous said...

Darling little basket! I'd love to try my hand at one.
Congrats on the novel writing! I wish I had the time to take part in it this year.
sorry that u feel like a marshmallow! hopefully you'll recover soon and all that will be left in your system is a magical little bit of emily.

Hendrix said...

Really though, is there anything out there *more* laid back than a marshmallow? They're white, puffy, nonconfrontational, and really quiet. I support your spelling!

E said...

That little basket is the cutest and I can truly picture a little kitten inside it <3

I am trying to do nanowrimo too :)Good luck for yours!

Karen said...

I love the little basket :)
Maybe you should make the little kitten to go inside?

Good luck with your novel xx

Aline la Bergère said...

You're knitting again!! That is great news. I am sorry you are sick but at least, as you say, it has its perks. Are you posting your knits on Rav? What yarn did you use for the cute as ever basket? I am filling my shelves with all sorts of big chunky yarns this week. p.s. glad you are back!
p.s.s I have always wanted to write a novel. Good luck! A. xx

Anonymous said...

what an exquisite basket♥
good luck in writing your novel! i hope the inspirations flows from your thoughts to your fingertips♥

Jessie said...

Yes, a Musical Genius cold is always the best one to get! I hope yours goes away soon, the little bag is gorgeous! :)

The Curious Cat said...

How did you learn to make such an adorable basket?! xxx

faerie finder said...

thanks everybody! ;)
you are all so lovely!!!!!

i have been knitting lots...
just realllllyyyy lazy about
posting things on ravelry..
i guess because i feel like
i need to write up and publish the
pattern before it do it! ... and that
takes.. well.. brain power.. heh heh
i need a personal brain assistant
to get things out of my head.

Stephanie Sanassee said...

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kimi said...

Oh these basket is so cute!

Laura said...

I made some lumpy felted slippers lately...the downside of a front load washing machine, so I believe I will have to hand felt them, too! I love the basket...I think a mouse would also travel well in it, but Pinky won't let me get a mouse.