Monday, 9 November 2009

little cousin i love you so

this is a sketch done by my cousin *kimberanne*

she is in art school in wisconsin & here we are ♥

here is the original. shes such a talented little otter!
she cheers me up when im pulling my hair out.
she sends me links to video games when im
about to die of pure bordeom.. and writes
the darkest and best little comic about
a penguin named chester. there are
lots of years between us but our
family blood makes us cut from
the same exact cloth. id be
absolutely lost without her ♥

ps. ive only got 7881 words for
nanowrimo so far!!!! i must
write write write write write!


withoutwordswouldyouknow said...

talented girl she is.
how wonderful it is when we find those treasured few who 'get' us. those of the same kind. those relationships transcend age and all the invented divisions.


Karolina said...

oh the friendship sounds wonderful! It's important to have someone like that, who feels your mood emediately..

nath said...

like peas in a pod. how sweet and nice and necessary.

she can really draw too.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures.

Anonymous said...

Ah you're so cute together!!! That is a beautiful drawing! Tell her it's amazing for me :)

Thank you for writing about the nanowrimo!! I am so up for doing that too!!


Anonymous said...

wow she is good at art! your family must be so talented! x

Anonymous said...

Hello, good luck for NaNo! :) Your cousin's artwork is stunning. There must be a creative flare in your blood.

Endofmarch said...

your cousin is very talented.
It's always so magical to have dear people and friends like that in your life. Also, good luck for NaNo!

notebook doodles said...

wow! that is amazing details :D

Jenna said...

That picture is AH-MAZE-ING.

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

You both have so much beauty, talent and magic souls. A comic about a penguin Chester sounds divine. You woud be the most enchanting cousin for anyone.
Write on! xx

joanne May said...

Your Cousin has a lot of talent. What a lovely sketch. Beautiful work!:)
I did not know you are writing a book!!!
Will you let us have a sneaky peek of the story?;)

Jessie said...

That's such a lovely drawing. How lucky you are to have someone like that in your life. :)xx

laughingmuse said...

It's wonderful to find that kind of closeness with someone, especially a young relation!

And she is quite talented, I hope she keeps pursuing her dreams.

Anonymous said...

she is so talented!
Good luck with the book!!

un petit lapin said...

Your 'daily' blog is so gorgeous and filled with such lovely things. Good luck for naniwrimo!

PinkBow said...

oh that is a really good sketch. is most of your time taken with your book? hope it is coming along well.