Wednesday, 21 January 2009

cote d'azur

today we just got back from a
mini mini break to cannes, france.
the cote d'azur was looking rather grey,
but we managed some crepes and baileys
by the seaside... and i got to peek in at chanel.

this is the carlton hotel
where they shot alfred hitchcocks
"to catch a thief" with grace kelly & cary grant.
i wore a tan trench coat and huge sunglasses
for the whole occasion and read all of *twilight*

the book... was captivating enough,
i suppose because i did continue
reading despite the fact that i
wasnt completely sure why...
but her angle, i dont get at all.
bounding off after someone
who might just murder you
cant possibly be charming.
i dont care how hot he is.
i guess its my age?
plus... if she were any more
bland shed be sand.
id rather eat wallpaper paste
than have a conversation with her.
how come he found her so fascinating?
i bet she drinks tap water
and wears a north face coat.

am i going to read the sequel?
um.... yes, but im going to
brush up on my speed reading
before i waste too much more of my time.

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