Saturday, 17 January 2009

doubt & godiva

last night we went to the premier of *doubt* in london.
it was my first premier.. so i wasnt sure what to expect.
was meryl streep going to float in on a swan?
was she going to ride in a little pink bubble
like the good witch in the wizard of oz?

when we sat down there were godiva chocolates
and caramel flavoured water by our seats..
i asked the man next to me (in jeans)
if these were my godivas... or his...
he said something muffled about
"your... fins..???"
i said
"godiva is made of orphans!?..
i definitely dont want them then...
in fact, im appalled they would leave these
on our seats... you can have mine"
he got very upset and tried to
explain to me that no.. he didnt
say that! "i said they were YOURs then"
he kept saying..
i shook my head and said "....i know.... terrible..."

after we were seated..
john patrick shanly said a few words
and then introduced meryl streep and amy adams
they came out from stage left like to pale pink clouds
diamonds in their ears and grins on their faces.
you cant help but break your face in half smiling
when you see meryl streep in person.
she is a legend.

this is what i wore
a vintage 30's mink belt over my
vintage leather jacket (60's) and my favourite boots:

after the film.. simon and i were very teary eyed and sad
i called my lizzie in america to see if shed seen it yet..
i love discussing films with her... we never agree!
and i love her to death for it. to DEATH.
and yes. id way rather post a picture of my outfit
than discuss the movie anymore! ha ha ha

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