Tuesday, 27 January 2009

unicorn vs pony

i cant let today devastate me.
even though it has been devastating.
and then in the middle of my downfall
i got a text that i was nominated
in NME magazine for .....sexiest female?
wtf! how completely insane.
anyway people are voting HERE.
or are they?
the press release said "and out of nowhere
stephanie dosen" .. thats exactly how i felt.
im only putting this link up
so i can vote for myself like 500 times
because i have no shame. whatsoever.
all i was doing was brushing my pony's tail.
and he was getting really irritated with me.
not because of the brushing...
but because
i glued a horn to him... just one.
cause thats how many a unicorn has.
and thats what i asked for.
a unicorn,
not a stupid pony.

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