Monday, 26 January 2009

petal and roo

roo how are we ever going to finish our ruby slippers this way?
dont you know we are trying to get to biscuit world?
where every wardrobe opens up to snow
and every box hides twirling ballerinas?
if we dont have our slippers
our chariot wont know where to stop
and the bluebirds will begin to cry.
oh dont worry roo.
we will make you some too.

we went for a walk on saturday morning...
the blades of grass were like icicles so we stomped them.
we stomped the grassicles and screamed

anyway... we happened on
a little old lady all bundled up
her little muffler covered her mouth
she smiled bright eyes at us and said "morning!"
simon said "did she say 'im horny'?"
i said "i think so" anyway it sounds pretty much the same
if you say it right... we thought it our only purpose
to say "im horny" to everyone we saw all morning
and then laugh like psychos.


kittyj said...

I am so loving your blog after falling in love with your knitting patterns, the music and now blog! I read this and almost wet my pants! I'm still giggling!!! xox

faerie finder said...

aw thanks! :)
hehe heheheh