Tuesday, 18 November 2008

if we dont practice our ballet the swans will die


little lamb is a very good ballerina.


yesterday petal came over and
we played bach prelude in C on the piano
mostly because of picnic at hanging rock
then we practiced our ballet to save the swans...
then we watched virgin suicides
and crocheted some wrist warmers
to keep our wrists warm...

i found an old shawl that i made a long time ago
and have since dreaded and hidden it away.
but today is *ballet-day*
and as i was shifting through my wardrobe
i happened upon it and realized it makes a brilliant scarf.
its super bulky ballet pink and made of cashmere and silk.
it feels like feathers it is so light.

ive been thinking about judy garland...
tear shaped shells and white tights...
jasmine tea in green leaf cups...
and tiny owls the size of a quarter.


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Natanya said...

* x * x *
Loves it...