Monday, 10 November 2008

arles & a wee red leather heart


this rain is inexorable! ...
i am thinking of my summer in france.
here is a picture that andrew took of me
in arles on the massive attack tour..
i was really really tired that day
and the show was about to start...
and i thought,
"its nice when you find a place to sit down."
so i did.
and there.. on the table next to me
was an abandoned pack of cigarettes complete with lighter..
i thought it was a gift from my faeries seeing as they were camels
(and it seems like everyone here smokes marlboros which i think suck)
so i started smoking them.
but turns out they belonged to someone else..
a french woman.
and she wasnt all that happy about it
but i had to go onstage anyway..
so gave them back and left.

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