Tuesday, 11 November 2008

fleet foxes & dewberry flowers


last night i went to the fleet foxes show
at shepherds bush in london.
thing about foxes see is that they are sly.
but not as sly as whitby goths though..
no one is as sly as that..
last time i was at shepherds bush
i was on stage... and i vaguely
i remember going on about
"oh yeah well where was her bush then?"
and this time i was equally unfunny.
i got horribly drunk at the afterparty
and remember telling robins parents
that they had a forcefield of love around them.
which was true.. but not something you should
just bang on about to complete strangers if you
want to appear sane which in this case was entirely impossible..
oh well they were all great & charming
and i put flowers in my hair for the occasion..
even though my shirt said "metal up your ass."


silk jacket from whistles? i know i know..terrible.. but its cute!
metallica t-shirt from "back in the day"
self-made skirt from a mosquito net and lace i procured from *attic*
flowers i nicked from daisy today...
(we went to a charity shop down the road to find silk flowers
for the *thee single spy* single launch on wednesday..
we found LOADS.. anyway while she was talking to someone else
i plucked a few and jammed them in my pocket... i had plans see...)

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