Friday, 21 November 2008

secrets in the piano bench


bear and i found a grand piano online for free one day
so we bought it... but we didnt have to pay so
it wasnt really buying...but you know what i mean.
then we went searching for a bench
because we like to sit down when we play
we are not lazy or anything.. its just more comfortable.
well maybe we are a little bit lazy.. but that is beside the point.

unavoidably the bench cost more than the piano itself...
we found it at a little antique shop at the end of the road.
we grabbed it in a hurry and when we got it home
we found tons of very old music and old photographs inside.
this is one of my favourites.

the family had 3 daughters ..
*at least.. i think know because their names are on the piano books*
i think this was their stylish aunt
who traveled with dogs and lots of hat boxes.
she fell in love with a sailor who never returned
so she married a rich merchant who bought her every
fox stole she ever barked at.
though she never really found true love again.
(unless you count her dogs which were very true)
at least i think thats what happened.

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Pandora said...

OH....I love this photo.