Thursday, 25 February 2010


tonight was the royal premiere of alice in wonderland!

it was pouring cats and rabbits... and rain.

we got to stand next to tim burton and helena bonham carter.
i was able to meet her afterwards and give her a little white rabbit ♥
i totally stumbled over myself. i just totally adore her.
im so sorry i took a video but its insane & i just cant post it!
im babbling something like "i love you" its horrid. BUT
she was AMAZING in it. absolutely riveting and perfect.

and theeeeeen we saw alan rickman ♥
(and of course the rest of the cast... but.. alan rickman!) brilliant.

also. it was a royal premiere..
so the trumpets sounded and prince charles came in!
he sat a good 20 rows ahead of us.. i was dying to get
a look at him wearing 3-D glasses.. but alas. he never turned around.
i have to admit.. during the film
(which was stunning and redeems the story for me completely)
i just kept thinking.... "im watching a film with prince charles"
"hey, whats the prince of wales doing tonight?"
"oh, hes watching a film with me"

also.. one other cute thing,
when we were in the rest room
i was washing my hands and looked next to me
and there was anne hathaway standing there like a baton.
she was really really really lovely & we had a little chat ♥

i swear im not a star stalker! im not! see? no photos here..
but.. this was really special ... and im really thankful i got to go ♥

ps. look what my friend heather just found:
*clip* of us on the red carpet scurrying past
johnny depp.. giggling... like... idiots. (9 seconds in)


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Magical night!
You were down the rabbit hole for certain.

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Oh my gosh!!!!!! You are so darn lucky!!! How incredibly fun was that!!!
The film won't be to my little town until March 5th. There will be no royalty, no stars and probably no 3 d glasses. We will simply have a stinky old theater with stale popcorn. I shall enjoy the movie none the less, but all the while be jealous I don't live somewhere magical!
Hugs and friends,

faerie finder said...

ooh thanks! :)
trust me.. the film is so enchanting
and positive and warm and touching
that you will be whisked away! ♥

Anonymous said...

wow! your night sounds just amazing! it's awesome when people you admire turn out to be genuinely lovely! eeek, i can't wait for alice now! xx

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

You've gone brunette and it looks beautiful! Where was Johnny Depp? I would be looking for him not Anne Hathaway!
I love, love, love Helena too. Thank god she exists to make the world more yellow and interesting.
Our wedding which is next Saturday is Alice in Wonderland meets the 70's theme. I love this post! Helena was lucky to meet you as well! xx

faerie finder said...

ooh congrats on your wedding!
that theme sounds really cool!!

ah eek..
i did see johnny depp..
embarrassingly enough.... we
walked right by him on the
carpet and didnt even see him.
in fact i just found out that we
were on tv standing behind
him totally unaware!

he came in after we were
seated.. he spent over an
hour signing autographs
in the rain. aw.

faerie finder said...

also i found the stream version
that was recorded.. its basically
what they show on the screen
while we are seated inside...

Kittyj said...

SWEET AND you look so beautiful!!!

Carousel Dreams said...

Lucky, lucky you x

notebook doodles said...

your room looks so cute :p

Sara said...

You look lovely :)

Little Bear Stories said...

sounds AMAZING! like a fairytale in itself xx

faerie finder said...

thank thank thank you! ;)
it was too much excitement really!
i need a whole day off now to
play video games :) heh heh

Little Miss Norway said...

Hey my sweeets, loved your outfit!

Sounds like you had a truly fantastic time - what wonderful memeories for sure! :-)

My friend watched the film on ustream and said it was amazing, I can't wait to see it!

Tell me, did you wear any cute shorts under that pretty skirt of yours? ;-)

Glad to hear you liked them, as well as the wristlets!

Have fun with the video games!


chesca said...

it sounds amazing! and that dress/skirt is stunning - perfect for a trip to wonderland.

you look beautiful :) xx

Laine de Bergère said...

sounds dreamy and you look sooo pretty!! A. xx

Elva Undine said...

How fun! You are super pretty, perfect outfit. I love the 'Hey, what's the Prince of Wales doing tonight?' Hehe. Your enthusiasm is contagious, as always.

Vanessa. said...

oh, you are so lucky! i am utterly envious, i adore helena bonham carter, alan rickman and tim burton :) it must have been amazing, how do you get to go to these things?
i can't wait to see the movie when it comes out! xx

Karen said...

How wonderful! And you looked perfect for the occasion. A lucky fairy you were indeed!
I'm so looking forward to seeing the film :)


Anonymous said...

What videogame? Alice McGee's ?? ;)
This all sounds like fun! I'd totally be a dork around you too!! And around Anne and Helena!!
Your new hair look awesome and so does the outfit!
I love following your adventures in wonderland!
Prince Charles with 3D glasses, coooooll !!
Love you!

Jessie said...

You look so pretty and what a night!!!!!!!!! My claim to fame with prince Charles is that a painting of mine was hung on the same wall as his in the same exhibition......ok, that's rubbish compared to your amazing time! :o)xx

faerie finder said...

no jessie thats really wicked! :) congrats!

thanks everybody!!!
i can feel everybody's excitement yay!
oh ive been playing super mario for wii
:) waaaaaayyyyyyy toooooo much.


wow. and I love HBC too. and I can't wait to see Alice. and you look beautiful. Glad you had such an amazing night x :)

kikibowns said...

Oooh! What a wonderful step through the looking glass, you've taken!

the golden fairy princess said...

words cannot even begin to describe my utter jealousy. you are so lucky!

Jenna said...

I am SOOOO incredibly jealous. That is absolutely amazing.
I'm so glad you got to go, that's a real once in a lifetime thing.

jo said...

How lucky are you!!!

You look sooooooo pretty!!!!!!
What a cute capelet.....and dress :)

I wish you would make a crochet capelet pattern with fluffy angora all white rabbitish :)

Patricia Snook said...

Oh how fun! You look so darn lovely, and behind you, is that a massive tree branch?! Wow I'm so inspired!

You got to chat with anne hathaway?! Ooh what an amazing night it must have been!


PinkBow said...

oh wow, that is amazing! i can't wait to see this film.

laughingmuse said...

I spotted you! :)

Wow, when you hob-nob, you really hob with some big nobs, yes? That is so exciting.

Belle-Etoile said...

Aw, I love your outfit. The fur against the filminess of your skirt is just lovely.

It sounds like you had an incredible evening! As cool as you mingling with the cast strikes me, I still can't get over the idea of Prince Charles being there. I wish you'd gotten to see what he looked like with his 3D glasses on!

Lara said...

Your HAIR *and* MAKEUP... it is beautiful!!! :-) How exciting you got to be there at the premier! I'm so excited about this movie!

Love_Again said...

cute story. sounds like a magical night, and you certainly looked the part.

wildflowers said...

WOWOW!!! You are so lucky! What a treat to go to such an event. I'm so jealous! haha!!! You look absolutely lovely too :)

joanne May said...

Hi Stephanie,
How strange... I thought I left you a message here but it seems to have disappeared!
Oh well, maybe the fairies stole it.:)
Your evening at the royal premiere sounds like it was really magical. The video clip is fun. Johnny Depp is still cute and you look very lovely in your dress!:)
Talking of rabbits... I have at last, the prints of the Snow Hare! I collected them from the printers on Saturday... I promised you a free copy a while ago, for being a lovely model for the illustration...
If you would like to email me your address through my website, I will send the print to you this Friday. I hope that is ok?
Have a lovely week.:)

joanne May said...

The Snow Hare print has turned out really well and looks just like the original painting!x:)

Karolina said...

you look just like you walked out of a fairy tale! and yes, watching movies with prince charles is not what we all do each weekend :P

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog a few minutes ago (thanks to Elva Undine at Folk & Faerie) and I am absolutely enchanted! Saved to favorites now and I'm looking forward to going through your previous posts--I especially like the picture of you with your dog and cat and you're wearing Max's crown and wolf ears. Your cat looks a bit put out.
Can't wait to see Alice in Wonderland! I'm listening to Danny Elfman's amazing score right now and feeling like I've fallen down the rabbit hole myself.
Thanks for such a wonderful blog!

Cookie-Fee said...

:D thats such a cute clip-i just love how he is talking quiet serious and you two walking by...
and i really really loveee your outfit :) such a pretty dress!!!

kisses and cuddles

Rachel said...

what an amazing story to have! so magical!

Mermaids of the Lake said...

Wow! You are lucky!

Mermaid Debbie

Lets_go_find_a_Rain_beau! said...

WOW! I'm speechless- this is SO exciting!
I watched Alice yesterday in 3D and really liked it.
I'm very happy for you- sounds like you had an evening in "Wonderland"



Tammie Lee said...

This sounds like and looks like an absolutely magical night. You look beautiful in your dress and outfit. I have yet to see this film. Soon...

hello birdy said...

amazing! how glam :o)
I've barely ever even seen a famous person of note (apart from the Queen and Charles, but that's just cos I live in Windsor) x



fibercontent said...

Look at you on the front page of!