Saturday, 20 February 2010

midlake & alice

we had the final midlake show on thursday.
i got to sing with them onstage for all 3 of the
london shows and it was more lovely than i can say.
i am sad to see them go back to america ♥

good news:
i just found out that we have tickets to the
london premiere of tim burton's *alice* on thursday!
we get to walk the red carpet in leicester square
with tim burton and johnny depp! i am so
excited i could completely freak out ♥
i have to fight the urge to wear an alice dress.


the golden fairy princess said...

oh my goodness i am SO jealous of you! i've been waiting for months for alice to come out, i can't wait. hope you have an amazing time!

Lilbirdy said...

I will totally freak out on your behalf so you can hold your composure! AHHHHHH! That is just so wonderfully good. Two of my favourite people in show biz! Knowing me I would trip and fall and cause a huge embarassing scene...but I too am looking forward to Alice and have been since I saw the trailer last summer.

I'm gonna see if youtube has some midlake postings. I love them and I bet you sound great singing with them.

Great news, Snowflake!


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

How fabulous!
You must wear an Alice dress. No question. Or at least something Alice worthy.

Chelsea said...

I am also very jealous of your life, and think an alice dress is a must! haha :)

E said...

you are so amazingly lucky! i have been waiting for alice to come to theaters and i have to wait a bit longer, because i don't think it is coming to the local theater just yet.. ♥

joanne May said...

Have a magical evening, sweetie, on the red carpet and give Johnny Depp a kiss. He is so cute!

Vicky Marie Emiliana M. said...

wow, that sounds really nice. I wish I had such luck :) I'd really like to see your alice dress. You seem so magical and I wish Id live in the UK. I've been there once and i felt so free and just alive, I felt I was my real self and I loved it . I really wish i could live there. And one day I will because I promised myself, but I'd like tha day to come now

Little Miss Norway said...

Hey hon, that's fab news - have a sooper dooper time!

You must post piccies of your Aiice dress for sure - attempted to post your shorts and wristwarmers yesterday, only to find the post office in the next village to me closed, due to a water burst, so I will post them off to you on Tuesday when I'm in Manchester - you may get them in time to wear with your Alice dress - i will endeavour to make sure they arrive for you!

Have fun!



WoW! There is no way I would be able to keep any composure. I think I would die with excitement have an amazing time.

Hendrix said...

Fight the urge?! That sounds like the PERFECT occasion for an Alice dress! Have funnnnn!

Little Bear Stories said...

Wow thats so cool! Can't wait to see that film.
I was so sorry to have missed Midlake when they played in Leicester but both shows sold out before I could get tickets. I hope they come back soon x

nath said...

your dark locks are lovely. and i say don't fight the urge, wear the alice dress! why not?

Shell said...

Congrats on going to the red carpet premiere. Wear whatever makes you sparkle the most. Tell Johnny I said hi.

Laine de Bergère said...

...walk the red carpet with Tim Burton AND Johnny Depp...I just fell off my chair...thump...O Mr. Depp!!! My dear, you are sooo lucky...wear the Alice dress and bring your knitting too! tee hee...A. xx

Anonymous said...

WHo-hoo, great!!
Wear an Alice dress and Kiss Johnny for me (he likes french girls, so, frenchkiss him ;))
Happy Alice première! I so wanna see this in 3D !

Anonymous said...

Oh and you made a fringe? Cool !

dragonfly said...

I am also waiting for the day that i'll be showing here in the philippines.

Jessie said...

Ohmygod You are SO lucky!!!! I wouldn't be able to sleep from now until the premiere if it was me. I'm excited enough that the film is going to be out let alone seeing all those heroes of mine too!xx

Gem said...

Wow, you're so lucky! What are you actually going to wear to it??

jodi said...


I just came across your blog and it's so lovely, like a dream! Have fun at the movie tomorrow... though, it looks like you live in a fairytale already!


Meg said...

That is so unbelievable! I have to agree with everyone else on this one-an Alice dress is too perfect not to wear.

Skot McCall said...

Is it true that Aquarian Lewis Carroll took psychedelics to remedy migraine headaches and in the process wrote the books?

... daisy... said...

Oh so jealous!!! :-) Johnny!!!!!

heleen said...

oh waw this is indeed VERY exciting news! I'm so happy for you, I'm sure it'll be a wonderful experience, one you can treasure in your little heart forever.

faerie finder said...

thank you every lovely dearling for all of your comments!!!!
i had an amazing time!
i would have taken you all with me :)

S.Jin said...

oh my gosh! i'm so happy to hear you had such a wonderful time! tho, i am curious, how in the world do you ever go about to start a conversation with anne hathaway!!??? if it was me, i'd prolly stare at her like an idiot before running off x_x' lol!!!

faerie finder said...

im really funny about that!
i always start a conversation
with whoever im standing next to!
it doesnt matter who! hehehe
i talk to the busdriver and the milk man..
even people that pass me on
the street.. :) ♥
im a bit weird like that!
she just happened to be
next to me and having
trouble with the wonky
faucet.. so we were trying
to figure it out..
(she had gotten all marked
up when she was giving
autographs) :)
plus i told her she looked gorgeous
and she said i did too. aw! ♥

one time i talked to the girl
next to me in line.. and it
was renee zellweger :)
you never know who it will be! :)

Anonymous said...

Tim Burton is an excellent filmmaker so I'm curious about this film. Part of me wishes that Walter Murch had the opportunity to direct this film. "Return to Oz" was such an outstanding film, and I think that Murch would have brought that same tone to "Alice in Wonderland." Regardless, Burton is talented and I'm sure that he's made a great film.