Tuesday, 22 September 2009

to see the sea & the purple rose of cairo

we are in corsica

ive been looking for dolphins all day long

the rug in this house is made of a million tiny ropes.
there are big windows that open into the walls all around
so the breeze is coming in and the curtains are moving which
is my very favourite thing. we put all of the mattresses from all
of the rooms in the middle of the floor so we can watch them better.
and jump around like total idiots ♥


Anonymous said...

oh, such a beautiful post and lovely pictures as always, it sounds like you are having such a magical time ♥

kimi said...

These photos are absolutely beautiful!

nath said...

oh that does sound wonderful. i hope all your days are full of dolphins and breezes and stars.

PinkBow said...

sooo lovely, the sky looks amazing. have a fantastic time xoxo

Vanessa. said...

it looks stunning, i am envious :) xx

sugar plum fairy said...

so nice to see you've posted ♥
you are dolphin gazing!
i am awestruck ~*
have fun.

vintageveggie said...

oh so jealous.

i'm having a contest on my blog, i would love to hear your story. :)

poet said...

I looooooove The Purple Rose of Cairo! And at the same time hate it because it's so sad and so... realistic, despite its fantastic plot elements. Ooooh. Need to watch it again.


Josephine Tale Peddler said...

I have swum with the dolphins. They sang to me many years ago and I followed their song and one was waiting. He rushed at me and for a moment I was so afraid as he was very large. Then an electrical feeling hit me. It was very magical. I have read many similar tales. I hope the dolphins find you. xx

Karolina said...

I envy you a bit, I've never been there! I hope you have the most magical time :)


Cookie-Fee said...

no, it would never cause envy :) it´s way too beautiful for that. it´s just so inspiring and it makes me feel good reading your blog.
i love your candles...are they scented?? they look like chocolate :) i just lighted up my vanilla-cupcake-candle :)

enjoy your holidays :)

The Curious Cat said...

Beautiful photos....

E said...

what an amazing place <3

a mouse said...

thanks everyone! we worked really hard this
year to get a week by the sea! (most brits
do this! i never understood really until now!)

seems like most brits are always talking
about their next holiday.. and i never understood
it. but i get it now! i definitely dont want to leave!

hearts and lovely days in the sun for everyone!

a mouse said...

ps the candles are chocolate :)
i know when they burn down it will be time
to go and i will cry! xoxo

joanne May said...

Where you are looks heavenly. What a beautiful place to be...
Relax and enjoy!
Love, Jo.xx

Lets_go_find_a_Rain_beau! said...

I come back from a travel and keep planning the next one. Maybe that's a european thing! ;)

I want to take a break from life as well...a long one...maybe spent 2 months somewhere far away...

Those pictures are beautiful!

I hope you're having a great time and find some rest & time for thoughts, good books & music and long walks!


anji-jane said...

oh it looks AMAZING ! have a magical trip. x

♪♫♪ Stina said...


a mouse said...

*thanks every fae* xoxo ♥ xoxo

juliette said...

oh my, these photos are beautiful!

Rose said...

these pictures are amazing...I would LOVE to live there, to watch the sea dolphins all day...could ou please tell me, was it a friend's house or did you rent it, and if you did, if it's not too much bother for you could you tell me about it some more so that some day I'll be able to stay there?

Nicole said...

love your blog <3