Wednesday, 16 September 2009

all of these underwater conversations

i used to talk too much. now i like other people to talk.

lately i have been surrounded by very quiet people.

i wonder about the silence.

about what is being thought.

about the things people are saying that i cant hear.

im putting rabbit ears on invisible friends for better reception.

listening to what is not being said... i suspect im getting it all wrong.

the truth is... i cant control what anyone else thinks.
i can only control me.. and what i do with the silence.
its a strange lesson... for a violin string unstrung like me.


a mouse said...

ps. this was my moms college t-shirt ♥

Cookie-Fee said...

oh, you´re writing is really beautiful :) but sometimes it seems that i cant even control what i think :D and thats really disturbing...
i love your pictures...and your skirt of course...i´m such a huge fan of your fairy skirts :D and straight hair looks good on you :)


Anonymous said...

so very lovely ♥

notebookdoodles said...

i love how your skirt is similar to your curtain :p

Anonymous said...

oh, everything is so perfect, your beautiful words and your delicate and dreamy fairy skirt ♥

vintageveggie said...

i feel the same way. silence is so complicated.

willawisp said...

I love the violin string analogy. And your skirt...

E said...

you are a true faerie :)

Anonymous said...

that skirt is wonderful.
you are a lovely person, inside and out xx

Bianca and Isabella said...


Anonymous said...

i love, love, love the skirt, dear.

and i know what you mean about thoughts...sometimes it's nice to listen about other people...and think the thoughts they might be thinking♥

Sher said...

magical words and I love your delicate lacy skirt:)

Lilbirdy said...

Something in the water today?


I cried, my son cried, my sister cried, then the sky cried...It had me wondering what was going on.

Trials and tribulations of the misunderstood and the first introduction to school...

All will be well, we dwell too much sometimes.


PS. Back on blogger *Snowflake*, just and FYI. Wordpress was lonely.

sugar plum fairy said...

i like how the lighting makes your skirt look different colors in the photos. i need a skirt like that.. wish i was crafy like you! yep, i really wonder what is running though the minds of others when they aren't talking. i love to mind watch as well as people watch.. ha ha. :) thank you for your comment about olivia n-j. i met her backstage at a concert of hers.. i won a prize to meet her.. i was completely awstruck giddy. i also shook hands with ms. siouxsie at the house of blues.. so much fun. xx

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

I always make a beeline for the silent, quiet people. When there is too much chatter I find it jarring and truth becomes distorted in the webs that the chatty ones weave. Silence is restful to me. That's why I like graveyards so much. And I love your skirt. xx

joanne May said...
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joanne May said...

Being silent is good for a moment of calm reflection in life but being chatty and passionate about life is equally important, in order to share your inspiration, creativity and life experiences. I feel we need to balance the two emotions...

P.S. Lovely lacy skirt. Very fairy!

PinkBow said...

i am one of those quiet people... people tend not to understand... silence is golden!!

Karolina said...

Silence is my friend. It lets me think things that can not be said simply because there aren't enough words in the language. It's really emotions speaking, not thoughts..


kimi said...

I really don't know how you manage to post all these dreamy things. Probably this is just the way you are it doesn't matter that much. All I know is that your blog is really special in best way you can think of!

isabella said...

i like your blog :)


isabella said...

i like your blog :)


joanne May said...

Just another small thought!:)
I have found that some people who are too quiet, are actually quite secretive and not open and honest...
I prefer open, natural people, at least you know where you stand with them.
Love, Jo.x;)

a mouse said...

ah yes... exactly.. :)
thats kind of what i meant..
but i suppose i went around
explaining that in a maze...
in short,
i like to know where people stand.
but they will never ever REALLY tell you
what they think. and it scares me.

though..... on second thought,
the people that tell you where
they stand .. are sometimes the
people on jerry springer.
they say it like it is.
frighteningly interesting that!

joanne May said...

I know what you mean about those people. They are too in your face on Jerry Springer. They are scary and so exhausting to watch them shouting at each other...
You would not want them in your life all the time. They are like vampires and would drain your energy...:(

a mouse said...

ah yes.. vampires bad.
i am always putting up my umbrella
against them. well.. i dont actually
know any of the jerry springer people TG.
ha ha ha :D

sometimes i wonder why we were born
this way... with things going on
INSIDE and OUTSIDE sometimes so
incongruently im sure...

just like the cocoon to the butterfly
hints that things are not always as they seem,
thoughts being so quiet
sort of proves the possibility
that just because you cant see it,
doesnt mean it doesnt exist.

every big truth is reflected in
so many little truths.

Ps. jo~ just so you know i wasnt suggesting
that you were wanting to talk to jerry
springer people!!! :D i understood
your comment.. but i think i went
off on another tangent!!!.. as usual :)

a mouse said...

and kimi~
i just have a little bit of extra time
on my hands right now . thats all :)

a mouse said...

oh! and thanks everyone for your sweet comments ♥
i let my hair go straight today ;)

wildflowers said...

Lovely post ♥
I adore that skirt :)

juliette said...

you write so beautifully ♥
and your photos are so lovely :)

a. said...

i ALWAYS like your skirts and of course your skirt, shirt combinations..
did you do all your skirts by yourself or did you buy them?


trishiekoh said...

What a lovely blog you have! That's one pretty skirt.

Anonymous said...

I Love your blog. I sampled your music as well and it is very beautiful.
I'm not looking for you to post this on your blog, but since I am thinking of purchasing a CD of yours, I just need to stick up for us quiet people here because I'm quite offended by some of the other comments. I have faced much scrutiny for being one of the quiet ones (even yelled at when I was at a birthday party once. I was simply listening, laughing and enjoying the company of others, at least until some person I didn’t even know got up in my face for not talking and drinking enough) and I hope you don't feel that way towards people like me because it would break my heart - especially since I will be filling my ears and soul with your music. I think it's very arrogant for some to assume you have to be chatty to be considered honest, natural, and passionate. I happen to be very quiet (naturally! – thank you very much…), honest, and passionate. Some of us are just quiet and some of us are just chatty. We are all different and that is just the way it is. It is quite close minded for someone to pass judgment upon people based on their level of chattiness.
And yes, sometimes quiet people can be very secretive but chatty people can also be complete liars and bullshit artists. You can't judge a book by its cover... Or by its volume for that matter.
Anyway, I hope you don’t feel cautious of us quiet people. It’s just simply the way we are and we can’t help it. It doesn’t mean we are wickedly secretive or have hidden agendas. Anyone can be that way, quiet or not.

faerie finder said...

ah yes.. i hear you anon..
thanks for sharing your thoughts,
i dont judge the quiet.. just
curious about it,,,,
its good to hear what
is really going on.
i want to know.
the truth.