Friday, 24 June 2011

crumpets & dryads & along the way

we went to the faery fest in cornwall this weekend ♥
there we met some lovely wandering fae between the raindrops.

dear amy & swan princess natalee from tales from the dryad forest
floating through the field of sheep to search for the folly ♥

we danced wild into the night under the magic trees ♥ women twirled fiery hoolas with serene faces & boys played fiddles, flutes & drums

i learned that the universe inside you is not dark like the night sky
but swirls with a billion starburst rainbows of color and shine ♥

we found scadfulls of books and ancient messages. then yesterday i
started reading: charles g. leland "the gypsies" you can read it *here*

amethyst crystals and lepidolite eggs ♥ all praises to purple lepidolite my new lavender lithium bearing faery godmother. where'd you been?

we searched and searched for the folly but we never found it..
we did however find some dinosaur bones... maybe thats the
point of searching... to find things along the way ♥

all of these photos were taken by the loveliest butteriest crumpet
juliet of dear sweetlings here she is sticking her head in a hole and finding another dimension. thanks for sharing the trip crumpet!! ♥


Tales from the Dryad Forest said...

Beautiful words to spirit one away.
I think perhaps we should have taken the path downward! we will never know what was hidden there {I keep seeing photographs of a tiny trickling waterfall}
Ooh, what was the name of the animal book you purchased? I've been trying to remember. Have you ever watched the BBC programme Springwatch? they had a pet raven on there *swoon* my heart swelled.
Bran the raven ♥
It was lovely to meet you in faerie land kindred spirit.

Jessie said...

So fun! :)) I love the photo of the green ring! Your words are inspiring. :)xx

faerie finder said...

oooh thanks lovelies! :D

natalee sweet dearest! the book is called animal wisdom by jessica dawn palmer :D

i ♥ springwatch! especially the lamby bits

yes.. we were supposed to go down i think
but we went UP! i suspect its all the wings! heh heh ♥

Tales from the Dryad Forest said...

Heh, found it! Thank you my lovely ♥ there is a book on tree wisdom too *
{The big sheltering trees at the festival were cedar trees ♥}

Yes, little lambs! and baby owls too. Aw :)


E said...

oh you truly are my favourite fairy ♥

Amy said...

What a lovely way to spend a day <3

Alexandra said...

All this is perfect, as usual. You inspire me so !
I love the ring/hand/stones pics as well.
I bought the book about animal wisdom.

Bryony said...

We sort of almost met at 3 Wishes (I was the one with the antlers talking to Juliet) - I'm shamefully bad at introductions! So anyway, hello :)
It's sad you didn't find find the folly (I think if you went straight on you would see it? The little picturesque waterfall was on the lower path, which also eventually went to the folly). Maybe next year!

mirsini's creations said...

Wow!!! Soooo lucky that you have all this Faery Festivity!!! I love your photos and the place looks magical!!!!!
Wish you a wonderful Midsummer night Eve!!!!
Oh! I'm inviting you to the Faery blog party!!!
Today is the day of the Faery!!! Wish you Faery mushroom circles on your wayyyy!!!!
Kisseeeeees beautiful Owl Lady!!!!! :o)))

Shell said...

Wow, I wish I could of came with you to faery fest. Looks truly magickal.

Pauline said...

Oh to have been there in the fairy fun! ♥

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Hello friend. Lovely moments. Thanks for the portal to walk through. Blessings.

Earthly Colours said...

It looks wonderful! Can't wait until the biggest likewise festival in my area starts.... *counting the days*

Love your wings!

Bethany Heron said...

Wow you look amazing, I hope you had a good time, I would have loved to have gone! :) x

CIELO said...

Your lovely! I would love to go to a fairy festival like that.... I'm afraid there's nothing like that here in the USA... so sometimes I just have to come up with my own festival in my own backyard! ;) Nice meeting you!


Anonymous said...

I miss my days of decadant festivals, but I just did a post to remind myself of the fun we used to have. Please visit and enjoy...

Fairybulle said...

Hello, sorry for my english, I'm french, just a little world to tell you that your blog is one of my favorite, I love your fairytell spirit, and your amazing knit creations! Kiss from Paris!

faerie finder said...

ooh cosmic sweet nothings to you all
feather plum seahorse wing bearers!
all that love right back at you and
festivals to you all in your dreams or in REALS.

and bryony what a shame to have missed meeting you there! i did see your pretty face though :D xoxo

Karen said...

What a wonderful weekend. x

foxglove said...

So wish i could have come this year, last year was magical. Think you will go again?

withoutwordswouldyouknow said...

a midsummer night's dream come to life!

during the day...


knitxcore. said...

what a mystical group of faerie ladies!

faerie finder said...

thanks peach lollypops!

yep foxglove i plan on going each and every year until my wings are faded and worn down to bare threads :D ♥

joanne May said...

Cornwall is so beautiful and perfect for a faery gathering. I used to spend many summer holidays in Cornwall with my family. We have a little tin miners cottage near the sea, not far from Zennor! ;-)
It is lovely to see your true faery self with green nails and delicate wings. It's also the right time of year to wear flowers in your hair..
I have now moved to an old farmhouse near Peter Rabbit's family, they live in our garden. I think Beatrix would approve! ;-)
Have a lovely summer Faerie Finder,
Jo. xx

a mermaids purse said...

such a sweet, enchanting place here, your creations are so beautiful ;0)

x Kazzy x

AVY said...

Ohw, that's like a world of its own, so cute.

/ Avy

Dolly Daydream said...

Such cute pictures :)

Belle-Etoile said...

Ah my dear, I've been gone so long! It's wonderful to be back and see all the lovely things you've done and written while I've been away. I have been thinking of England, and wishing I were there for the solstice, and your summer adventures there are inspiring.

Brittany said...

So beautiful, thank you so much for sharing :).

Alexandra said...

Received Animal Wisdom today! It's big and beautiful and looks quite informative! I can't wait to make a tea and read it in my bed tonight!

Thanks (even though the tip wasn't directed to me directly ;))

Grace said...

That looks the most magical thing ever.
I do love your blog, it is so delicate and whimsical. xx

Lucy said...

Hello! I just stumbled on your blog and I absolutely love it :) I feel like I'm in a dreamworld looking at each post.
Also, I love your hair wreath & lacey fairy wings, and your friends!
I will be back to soak up all the magic and inspiration :)

Jenny said...

Hello Miss Owl in the Dark, I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I adore your blog! ♥ It's so enchanting, I love all your trinkets, bits and bobs and magical finds! It must be so much fun being a faerie finder! Keep up the good work! :) xxx

BlogProNews said...

I first come here, and I really adore your blog ! Best regard !

Constance said...

These pics are so beautiful and magical...